Sunday, December 28, 2008

By The Numbers

Uncountable??? Ok thats not a number but that is how many times I've missed my wife since she left to go visit family on the east coast. Things that I have noticed is I definetly don't want to be single ever again. Shelly is a perfect fit for me not to sound to theatrical but she does complete me. She's made me a better person and for that I am thankful.

3 and 2??? That is three times in two days I have been dissapointed in the food industry. I recently have been eating fast food a little more than usual. I picked up some food from Mc D's Friday for lunch and I guess now they don't give you any ketchup unless you ask for it and this happened the next day as well. For dinner tonight I went to pick up Chinese food and they scimped on the Chicken for the Chicken Fried Rice I had ordered. I know that the economy is bad but give me a break you can't tell me that Mc D's can't still give you ketchup without asking. And that your chicken output can decrease by 25 to 50 percent. If your hurting that much for money raise your price but give the same portion.

419??? Thats the amount of movies that I have. For those who know me know I have alot of movies but this is alot more than I thought I had. Another couple of numbers I can throw out to ya is 54 movies a year the average I buy a year since I started. 100 the amount of T.V. shows that I have on DVD.

So to sum up. I miss my wife, I hate how the economy has affected Amarillo, (even though we are in the top 5 for the best economy's in the nation which will be discussed later), and I'm doing my part to stimulate the economy. Are you???

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's finals week, what did you expect?

We had snow this week! It wasn't much but enough for us to call it snow LoL.

Today was my last final!! I couldn't concentrate and didn't do nearly as well as I know I could have. I really need to learn to push everything away when I'm taking a test. My grades this semester are:

101 nursing skills
81 nursing theory
93 nutrition
99 speech

some are definite, others are calculated by me and may be off a lil.

Now that my semester is over I can look forward to my upcoming trip! oh you don't know? I am headed east for Christmas! This trip has definitely given me very mixed emotions. While I can't wait to spend Christmas with my family I am going to sorely miss my hubby. He's not able to take that much time off from work around Christmas. While I plan to talk, text, and write him everyday I will definitely have a few surprises up my sleeve for him. I can't wait for that part.

I will be in maryland from the 17th until the 31st. Kev and I are looking forward to new years! He isn't on call and we are spending the day together.

If anyone wants to get dinner or whatever while I'm in town just let me know!

Oh and I got a haircut yesterday. I only have a craptastic picture and so you will have to wait until I get a better picture or until you see it in person LoL.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Catching up

So yes I know, it's been a long time but you know life happens. That or I have been working a lot more lately and school is winding down so there is a lot of finishing up it seems for my classes. I still have 4 big tests, a 6 or 7 minute speech, a simulation lab and one big final. Today I finished my last return demonstration and finished my last nursing lecture this week.

I got all of the results from my hypogammaglobulinemia mystery and I do NOT have it! Talk about exciting! Looks like allergy shots are in my future, right now though I'm trying to put it off a little bit (I know I know I'm healthy now so I'm trying to put it off, I'll feel differently when I'm sick) Basically what Dr. M (the second opinion) said that being sick all of those times wore down my immune system making it harder for me to get over it, and once I did my numbers went back up. Apparently Dr. S (the first guy) didn't do near enough tests. Luckily he was wrong and I don't have to $1000/month treatments!!

Kevin and I are looking forward to Thanksgiving. We are going to two dinners. His family is having Thanksgiving on Saturday so we were thinking about having our own little one but we were invited to our friends Chris and Tosha's family thanksgiving so we are going to head over there. It is the last big holiday we are going to be together for this year. I know... I know.. I have to be all going home for Christmas. I am really going to miss Kevin but I am soo excited about going home for my big family Christmas. It's going to be hectic so if anyone wants some time you better let me know lol.

Kevin and I went to the lake this past weekend, and while it is ENTIRELY too cold to go to the actual lake but to hang out at the lake house and relax is awesome. I did take some homework but you know, it was still a great time for us to just get out of the house and spend the weekend together. We took sam with us for the weekend and she was well to say the least... depressed like she missed Roxy or something it was kinda sad but she got lots of lovin' for it LoL.

I think that is enough for now. Time for some sleep!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Last night Kev and I went to see a concert that I bought for Kev way back in September for his birthday. It was moved from it's original location to a bar/club here in town, because of low ticket sales which wasn't our favorite idea but you know. The bands we saw were Tempered Cast (sorry couldn't find a pic), Aranda, Red, Saving Abel, and Puddle of Mudd. The sound was not great in this venue and it was pretty smoky. We had an overall good time though.

Aranda: They were first on the list and sound issues aside Kev and I agree that they did an okay job and we did miss about half of their set due to some confusion with the timing of the concert but hey what can you do?

Tempered Cast: Probably my least favorite of the opening acts, they didn't really impress me much at all.

Red: These guys were my favorite of the opening bands. I enjoyed their set and Kev says they were okay.

Saving Abel: Kev's current favorite band, despite more sound issues which is more a venue problem than a band problem. I enjoyed them and thought they put on a great live show.

Puddle of Mudd: I really enjoyed this set, and screamed my head off singing to all of their songs. Well that is until they started playing cover songs... what? they have plenty of their own music to not have to play covers. They covered AC/DC and Nirvana. There was the walking off the stage to get everyone to yell them back on for their last two songs. I hate that ego boost thing, because I knew they weren't done they were just waiting for everyone to yell to bring them back. We are there, so just play it's what we came for lol. Then in their last song they interjected it with lyrics from summer lovin' and then called it grease lightning... uh... yeah... so anyways overall I liked their set but was less than impressed with the covers. They also changed the tune of their last song as everyone was leaving to the tune of a swing song. It wasn't band but definitely interesting.
All in all we had a good night even though we felt old when we got home and I had to get up early to go to class this morning without much voice, and well Kev didn't have to get up today since he was scheduled off. We were planning on going to Lubbock today but I am going to go next week. As long as I get it done before next thursday we will be good to go. In the meantime we are just spending an almost all day off together.
Time to find some lunch and run an errand or two and maybe catch up on a movie or two. Have fun!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I know I know....

But really, what do you want me to do? Make something up? I got a 100 on my speech, and passed my return demonstration (need a catheter? :0) I can do it) and have a huge test coming up in nursing school, that I am stressing about. I have been a cooking fool lately! I have been trying new recipes and reviving old ones, some days are better than others.

An update on my health is half here. My first two tests have come back with good numbers which means so far so good :) I am going on Thursday to have more blood drawn for the last test. If this one comes back that I made enough antibodies then I probably just need allergy shots. Since I've been waiting I have learned of two other people that this doctor has done this to. Told them they had this and when they investigated or told another doctor it was found that they in fact did have this, so I'm not the only one.

On Wednesday we are heading to a Puddle of Mudd/Saving Abel concert, we are excited. They did go and change the venue on us to a worse place because they were not selling enough tickets so who knows, but we are looking forward to it and are planning to have a good time.

Well I guess that's that. We are fairly boring and our biggest adventures lately are some new recipes lol. I am getting more and more into baking and cooking lately and am having a lot of fun with it.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Second Opinion

Well today was headed to Lubbock (2 hours south) to see Dr. M. (I know right, finally not a b huh?), an immunologist/allergist, for a second opinion on hypogammaglobulinemia. Here's what he thinks:
  1. Not enough tests were done.
  2. He could not say for sure either way and did not think ivig was a good idea until he could say for sure.
  3. Time for more testing.

What he did:

  • Pnuemovax (vaccine for pneumonia), to see if I develop any antibodies within the next four weeks.
  • Blood work to check my pneumonia antibodies currently, to check my tetnus antibodies and to take a look at my immunoglobin levels again.
  • Return in 6 weeks to see the results.

That is all we know at this point. Sorry no answers but further investigation is needed and so we'll have to wait and see what happens I suppose. If I do have hypogammaglobulinemia I am going to switch doctors. I liked that he answered questions, explained things and laid it all out there for us. If not and I just need allergy shots I will still change doctors but use a local one.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

October? Already!?

Okay so maybe not really for another 20 minutes or so :) I however cannot sleep and am hanging out in the living room. How is it Kev can go to sleep in like 3 minutes flat? I am jealous about that one. I have never been able to do that LoL. Despite being nervous (maybe that's why I can't sleep??) I have been trying my hardest to figure out a halloween costume for Kev and I. We have no clue what to do. So readers :) I am going to see if I can get any suggestions from you :) We don't mind if they are single costumes or a "couple" but we are needing something and don't know what to be! We are looking for creative, not the typical ones!

My second opinion is Thursday! ACK... Also the pharmacy did not have info for my IVIG and have just started work on that with my insurance company and possible cost. So we'll see how all of that goes, so wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I know I know, but you have to remember the fun I'm going through right now. I am going to get a second opinion on my CVID and see what he has to say. In the meantime the pharmacy is working with my insurance company to determine coverage, cost etc of IVIG treatment. I plan to call them tomorrow to see how it's going.

In other news.... well I guess there isn't much to tell LoL. School is going pretty good. I got an A on my first test, and passed my first return demonstration of bed bath and ROM. Exciting I know LoL. However one day it will all be worth it! Come on Dec. 2010

<~~~ Totally how I feel lately!! :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Allergy Update Anyone?

So as you know on friday I went for allergy testing and some blood work. Today they called me and asked me to come to the office to talk with the doctor about my labs. That is never a good sign. I was pretty curious even though there were really only three options in my future. They are 1. Do nothing. 2. Allergy shots. 3. Gammaglobulin infusions.

I knew the answer could not be 1 since they wanted me to come in and talk to the doctor. Since Friday I've been thinking allergy shots for sure, considering the allergies that came back positive on friday. In case you haven't figured it out Gammaglobulin infusions are in my future. Apparently I have Hypogammaglobulinemia, which he thinks will lead to Common Variable Immunodefiency. Which is very overwhelming at the moment. It does explain a lot, more than I am willing to explain at this second. <~~ More info here

The plan is to find out which pharmacy my insurance will pay to whip me up some gammaglobulins and visit my allergy doctor once a month for 30-45 minutes for an infusion. At this point I'm not sure how long I will have to do that. These should be starting in the next few weeks and we'll have to go from there to see if these globulins are working and doing their job.

So, how was your day?

Monday, September 15, 2008


Well as you all are well aware of the season is in full swing. We of course have watched as many games as one household can watch. Of course it's Kevin screaming at the tv and me like yeah okay they can't hear you fool! LoL Speaking of football, we are both playing in two fantasy leagues. So far I'm 0 & 3, and Kev is 1 & 2. Not really going to well which I guess for some of you is great that Kev isn't doing too hot since he's a threat to most, but so far he has only beaten me.

We are watching the Cowboys/Eagles game at the moment. Our friend that is over is a "new" fan of the Eagles and everyone else here is about the cowboys, so as you can imagine it's been quite humorous here.

I might add the final score was 41 to 37 cowboys

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Slightly Annoyed

So what is the point in busting your butt to get an assignment done when the teacher just pushes it back a week because not everyone finished it? I mean seriously I feel like I put a lot of effort to get this assignment done in time and because some others did not, there is an extension? It's not like we didn't know about it until yesterday, we've had our assignments for the whole class since the beginning... I mean atleast it's done and I don't have to worry about it, but really where is the responsibility? I mean it's not like I am in high school anymore!

Okay so that was my rant for the moment! For now I am working on getting some rest since I was up late and then working on some other projects that I have due in the next couple of weeks.

In other news the fair is coming! We are celebrating Kev's birthday at the fair lol, it's a lot fun. We usually go once or twice and it's a lot of fun so def something exciting we are looking forward to at the end of the week!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Life is crazy!

School is going good, but it's crazy I have tons of work to do! I am enjoying going even though I have to do presentations and speeches (my least favorite EVER, can't I just write a paper?) Soon we are starting hands on nursing skills in lab, most of which I already know how to do.

I am going to see an allergist, I can't remember if I told you that already. They scheduled my appt during one of my classes though so I am in the process of rescheduling that. My doctor thinks that I need allergy testing... again! and probably allergy shots to curb all of these upper respiratory infections I've been getting. I have added some Vitamin C to help as well. I am thinking they are planning to do the tests that day because I am not allowed to taking ANYTHING for my allergies for a week.... ugh I hope I don't get sick!

I am glad that this week is going by much faster than last week! I thought last week would never end!

I guess it's time to hit the books, or I should say videos for nursing class

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

School anyone?

So you know the fun part about starting school on your birthday? Well once they find out they want to sing to you... As many of you know when I am in a new and unfamiliar situation I'm a little quiet and shy, and so by fun I mean totally embarrassing!

In case you didn't get it... I started school, well not so much school as "boot camp" for nursing school. Basically they tell you about a few things you'll be doing and give you a tour of the classrooms, practice labs, and testing areas. Our class is HUGE, the biggest ever for Amarillo College. There are over 100 students, and out of them I actually know one LoL.

Monday starts my full school schedule, I'm excited but nervous. I am only going to work at PAC on an "as needed" basis on days I agree upon, no more working every weekend and crazy hours. I will be working thurs and fridays at the surgery center, and class, or time for practice labs on the other days.

Really for now though I am hoping I feel better by then! Who wants to start school with a sinus infection? OOhh OOhh not me! Speaking of I am thinking they are going to send me to an ENT because this is my third one since the middle of June...

Friday, August 15, 2008

More about vacation

As our vacation progressed things went alright. We enjoyed the boardwalk, putzed around Salisbury, and just hung out. We did head up to Philly for a short trip to see Adam and Megan. They thoroughly enjoyed the gift of a Cowboys shirt for their Nublet to wear :-D Okay okay so maybe not but we all got a kick out of it, considering they are Eagles fans so Kev and Adam were negotiating when Nublet could wear it.

Our trip home was interesting, we arrived super early as always when I am paranoid about not having directions to the rental car return (which turned out to be super easy, I got lost last time), traffic and other unexpected problems. So we checked in our luggage and went to get some early dinner and wait for our flight. We board on time and are leaving, and all of a sudden we stop on the runway, and sit there. Apparently there were storms in our route and no planes could fly... so an hour and a half later we FINALLY took off. We worried about making our connecting flight... We landed in Dallas about 15 minutes before our connection was scheduled to take off. As luck would have it we were at the BACK of the plane and were almost the last people off. We were nearly running through the airport. As we approached our gate, it was dim, the ticket agent was gathering his things and walking away, luckily towards us. He asked if we were going to Amarillo and we are like YES! and so he calls them and lets us get on where we have to sit in the front row like when you are in trouble on the school bus.

While the guy was preparing a paper, and glancing over a tickets, I inquired if our luggage would make it. He said oh the luggage usually makes it way before the passengers. I was like okay, fairly confident that my luggage would arrive with me in Amarillo. We land in Amarillo an hour later and watch the luggage go round and round, none of them belonging to us... We kept waiting and waiting, finally overhead we hear "This is all of the luggage from the American flight, if yours is not here come to the office" UGH! We go stand in line behind two other people and have to give our information and they look up our luggage which I guess did NOT make it to the plane as fast as we (the passengers) did. Must be because the luggage can't run like we can! LoL Thursday they delivered the luggage to Kevin at his work. When I got off from my second job I was looking for the luggage and Kev says oh oops I forgot it... So I didn't have my stuff for another night, oh well. Everything (Kev, the luggage, and me) all made it back to Amarillo safely and back to work we went, both working sixteen hours our first day back.

PS: I am officially a Nursing student, paid tuition and all!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Kev and I made it to Maryland!! We have had a perfect vacation so far (so not the norm for us) and things are falling right into place. We enjoyed the trees on our ride from the airport, and both of us had forgotten just how many there are here! So far we've seen five members of our family. Most of which we'll see this weekend. Today we are headed to the beach I think, of course after a great breakfast my dad is cooking for us. For most of the days we are kind of taking things as they go and having a good time. We haven't made many set in stone plans to allow for our vacation!

While you are working we will be soaking up the sun, and enjoying not working, which I might add we've done more than our share this summer and are totally enjoying just kicking back!

Friday, July 18, 2008

less than 3 weeks and counting!

I know I know you all know that we are coming to the shore and well I am bringing it up again for more than the fact that I am super excited about it! I cannot believe how this summer has flown by. I've felt like we haven't done much of anything but work. We haven't been to the lake much, we haven't taken our camping trips we were hoping to and in less than a month I'll be back in school again. I can't believe it. So when I looked at the calendar the other day I noticed OMG it's 3 weeks until we go on vacation! We have been discussing sooooo many plans and are really excited. I am just hoping my sickness goes away lol, I am working on my second sinus infection in a month ugh! So while I feel like a summer has passed us by so quickly. Mostly my fault since I'm working like crazy!! I have really enjoyed spending time with the kids at job 2. I have revisited water balloon fights, three legged races, riding bikes, and going to the local pool. Oh did I mention we are taking them skating on saturday? I do enjoy that which is why I stay there even though it means I am working like crazy and I think I will continue to work there just not as much once school starts, probably a weekend thing maybe just one day so as not to over do LoL.

We also decided that we would cut back on our cable services (because really when your dvr stays almost full all the time then you don't have time to watch) and we are trying to work our way through all of our movies. Tonight's movies: Men in Black 2, Men of Honor, and if we are really adventurous Hide and Seek.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Babies, Babies everywhere

Seems like everyone has a little one on the way these days. Adam and Megan were the first ones. Our friends Chris and Tosha who just got married in Feb. literally found out Tuesday night they were expecting. Were both happy and excited for both as they go on this new found adventure. I think its a little jealousy as well not in a bad way by any means but jealousy none the less. Is that wrong??? I don't think so, I think God or whoever or whatever runs the universe is just making us wait for that right time. But I know I keep thinking it may never happen as we have a timeline with Shelly's valve possibly needing to be replaced within the next 5-6 yrs. I know what some people are thinking "hey that's a long time" it is a long time. We haven't been trying by any means but we haven't been preventing either. I thought we would have had one by now to be completely honest. But that's all right because we have already talked and if for whatever reason we aren't able to have kids or don't get it done before her next valve replacement we have already decided to adopt. And tell you the truth I think I wanna do that even if we do have a couple of kids. Just looking from the crap that Shelly tells me about her second job. There is alot of kids who really need good homes and good families to grow into. Anyways, update on my minor surgery. So I had my EGD on Wednesday and everything went very well they didn't even poke a hole in my stomach like they said could happen when I signed the waiver sorry if we do it but you can't sue cause we told you it could happen. I think after I got my sleepy time shot I do remember telling the doc to be gentle on me cause I was fragile. Funny right? Oh I also think I had a dream that I woke up in the middle of the procedure. Talking to my father he said I may have woke up because you really don't dream win your under. So that's a question I definitely want to ask but I have to make it clear that I don't care if did happen, I just think its funny. Cause I know that the doc is going to deny cause he doesn't wanna get sued or whatever. All my blood test have come clean I have no problems period. The one thing that they did find on the EGD was that I have a hernia but its not a bad one its actually a common hernia that alot of people have. The side effects of having this type of hernia is that you usually have acid reflux bad in my case its pretty common to have acid reflux. They did do a biopsy on a part of my stomach that was inflamed so well see how that turns out. I should go the wifey is about to be home soon and I still have a little bit of laundry to finish up.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

EGD anyone?

Today was Kev's date with the scope :) Apparently they didn't stop at the tonsil hockey. After a good look into his esophagus, stomach, and duodenum.

The verdict: 1. An inflammed esophagus, they took a biopsy to see exactly why (infection, recent vomiting, smoking, acid reflux). 2. A Hiatal Hernia which at the moment I have no clue how big it is, but if it is small it's manageable without surgery or anything else. Until we know more about that there isn't a whole lot to worry about. It could be what is making him sick though. If it is big enough and causing him all of those symptoms he would have to have laparoscopic surgery. We're hoping for the little one were takes this medicine to prevent the reflux and watch what you eat and you'll be okay :) 3. NO ULCERS *hurray*

For the night we are just relaxing and letting Kev rest up after his exciting date :)

Monday, July 7, 2008


So I totally forgot (How? I don't know!)

Kev had his appt today with Dr. Ba (the GI doc). Well he basically said the same thing as Dr. Br about the ulcer, acid reflux and vomiting. He is going to do an Esophagogastroduodenoscopy, aka EGD (don't say you didn't learn anything today!!). Kevin is going to have this done on Wednesday morning so maybe we'll know more then. Or at his next appointment. I totally hate the waiting game... So I'm hoping for knowing more on Wednesday. We'll see from there.

To learn about an EGD check out

Movie Night(s)?

It is fairly common knowledge that Kev and I are like working on owning our own video store in our living room. (well to those that read this blog, all 3 of you?) We have decided on a huge undertaking.... rewatching them all!! :) We have been going for a couple of days now and wow we have a LONG way to go. Almost defeats the purpose of cable for a few months lol. We have decided to each VETO one movie out of all of them :) Kev used his within the first few movies MUAHAHAHA. It has been fun and I'm sure we will find new favorites all over again. So in case you were wondering we are being totally boring and drama free and watching movies :-D Oh yeah I still work both jobs so with just that free time is hard. Less than a month and we'll be on vacation!! I can't wait!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kevin's trip...

To see our family doctor that is. Today Kev went to see Dr. Br. (not to be confused with my ex-employer Dr. B) for the first time. He was of course going to see him about the vomiting. Which I might add was not a one time deal, not always coffee grounds but vomiting nonetheless.

His appointment was at a time were I could not tag along and let me tell you I so wanted to!! I did tell Kev to make sure he told him everything that has been going on.

They are thinking that he has a small ulcer. They did some blood work in the office and sent him home with a test to be sure he doesn't have a bleed elsewhere. He is also going to see a Gastrointestinal doctor... Dr. Ba (I have no idea why all of our docs start with B). Monday is when Kev will meet Dr. Ba. which is good because the second time they meet they are going to get a lil closer haha. Kev has to have an EGD done to determine 1. an ulcer? 2. How big? 3. Bleeding? 4. What needs to be done?

In the meantime he gave Kev some medicine for heartburn thinking/hoping that will stop the vomiting, and help the ulcer. So for now we wait for the results of the labs and procedures.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Things on my end have been SUPER crazy. Today was a great day though. I so love playing with the kids at my work. Today we had some issues and they'd been bad lately. Regardless we brought water balloons to work and had them do a balloon toss, a couple of relay races and a water balloon fight. It was sooo much fun. I love summer as it is and these kids are totally making this summer a lot more enjoyable. I plan to talk Kev into some backyard goofiness with water guns and balloons. Speaking of Kev he is headed to the doctor since I didn't even know all of the stuff that had gone on until midnight last night when I checked the blog.

In our free time (wait, that should be moments) we are trying to finalize some plans for the east coast so expect some communication from us in the near future.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

What did I get myself into???

Ok so about mid week I get a phone call from my friend Chris asking if I wanted to play in a charity basketball tournament. I do like doing some charity work here and there and he assured me it was for a good cause so I said sign me I'm down. I haven't played organized basketball in over 8 years probably haven't touched a ball in 3 so needless to say I was a little rusty. The tournament gave us a first round bye I think because collectively we were the oldest on the courts. No one was really close to our age. Hence why we called ourselves "The Has Beens" my suggestion was the never were. But has beens is better. Anyways our first game was at 10:30 against a team called 7-11 yes just like the convience store. They went up over ten points at one time and then we just came back and won. It was really inspiring a little bit because you know we're old, we're out of shape and we haven't played in a long time we just handled everything perfectly. I think my body went into shock after that first game. I couldn't really catch my breath that whole offtime, my back tightened up, and my head just started killing me. Our second game was more interesting the team we had played was a bunch of just graduated high school kids off of really good teams. So they really took care of us. The ending score to that one was 17-7. we were playing ones and two's everyone hence the low scoring. After that game I felt alot better like I had never stopped playing. I was tired but not beaten like I felt after the first game. The third game was against 7-11 again and again we went down a few points and then just turned it on and won. Our "captain" had to take off early between game two and three so we had to pickup a 4th. Guess what the people we asked turned us down. So I got introduced to a girl named Katy. Little did we know that she was just all Caprock basketball player took them to the playoffs first time in 20+ yrs all district player. She had literally lit some of them guys up we played to her advantages and she played to ours it was awesome. We won our third and had to play the same team we played in game 2. Of course they won but we did make it alot closer. On a different note I kinda scared myself today. I was coughing trying to catch my breath and stuff like that. I ended up getting sick and throwing up. Which isn't the scary part it was the fact that I think it was some of like tar from my lungs. It was definitely black and I didn't eat so I don't know what to make of it. But I think I'm almost ready to quit, it opened my eyes up to how bad my lungs are so. No promises but I'm thinking harder on quitting so that's a start.
Things I learned today:
1. I'm not in shape at all
2. Maybe I should stop smoking
3. I really liked playing in today's tournament maybe I should play more often

Friday, June 20, 2008


A couple of weeks ago in the middle of a talk about tornadoes which I've learned I really don't like and am scared of since moving out here to Amarillo.

S: PAC has a storm shelter for ALL the kids, Is it crazy that I worry about having to use that for a tornado!?
K: No, but don't worry, tornado season is almost over and they don't really come to Amarillo anyways.
S: oh I guess I'm safe for another year haha

Boy we were both wrong. Last night I was working at PAC and the skies were looking horrible and it started raining, we get a call that says take all the girls to the basement in the boys house for the weather. We line them up and are fighting a couple of girls to go over and the head manager pokes her head in the door and says you need to get over there NOW! RUN! I'm thinking what!? run!? now!? ACK...

We all run over there and hang out for a little while. Meanwhile three tornadoes hit, all within two miles of PAC, which they shared with the staff and not the kids. I about lost it! The kids were asking me questions about the tornado and how bad it was, would the basement hold up, what about their mom's who didn't have storm shelters and what would happen if it came to PAC and how bad is it and Miss Shelly are you scared and how bad is it?

Of course I had left my phone on the counter that morning and so I called Kev after everything and talked to him when I got home.

S: So much for that tornadoes don't come to Amarillo thing...
K: yeah but it wasn't in town limits...

Needless to say it was quite a traumatizing night...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gotta love being materialistic

So we finally got our stimulus check. Which was much needed to get us out of the hole with the hole debacle with Shelly's former employer putting us in a rut. So we did what any adults would do and paid off unpaid bills. We did however decide to get Shelly/me a new zune 30 gig mp3 player with zune subscription. Now for all you apple lovers it was definetly a hard decision to make. I just felt that microsoft has a good thing going with their zune product line and right now the only apple I would get is the Itouch there is less commitment with it. There is more reasons but we won't get in to that right now. We got it last night Shelly installed all the software that night while I was watching Jumper. Seeing as she has a late day today I installed about 60+ songs, some podcasts and a few pictures. I love this thing I'm happy that I got it for Shelly now I'll have to get myself one. We do have some new news. Shelly and I are planning our vacation for the east. We will be down from Aug. 6th to the 13th. More details as they come about. This is one of the few vacations to the east that I'm actually looking forward to. I have been promised that this will actually be a vacation full like vacation stuff instead of hanging with family. Don't worry we will still make rounds. I do look forward to that. I just like to vacation to. Between the two of us come August will be so ready for a vacation. Shell is currently putting just about 80 hrs. a week between both jobs. I'm only putting in 40 but there 40 long, hard, and stressful hrs. So here's to the east coast can't wait to see you and our families.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Love Hate relationship

Ok so know this isn't Shelly posting this one it actually is the husband Kevin. I know its crazy right. Ok so on to my title with the love/hate relationship I have with I guess myself. I love that I have one of the greatest wifes ever. The best family any person can come into immediate and extended and by law families. I have great parents that have shown me unconditional love and support through all bad mistakes made. They have taught me the value of a dollar and how important it is to have a good work ethic. To good according to my wife who thinks I put work first more times than not which is probably true. I love that I live to the fullest and really don't care that I'm not rich. I'm comfortable and happy and thats all that matters. I work for a company called Hill-Rom. They are a specialty bed company that delivers beds and medical equipment to Hospitals. They have been around for over 75 years. I love the job and I can move wherever I want that has a service center in the states which is just about anywhere. I recently made employee of the quarter for my territory and received 30 shares of the company as well. Which right now is worth over 1200. So needless to say they like me and I like them. Shelly will be going to school in the fall for her RN. She has another job at the Taj Mahol of Surgery Centers in Amarillo paying very well and is going to work around her school schedule. All good news right? It is. Now to what I hate about myself. I have recently been looking into a change of scenery. I don't know what it is about me but I can't stay still for to long I like Amarillo, I like the East Coast but I just can't stay still. My new hotspot for a place to live is Seattle Washington. Its definetly the most beautiful place I've ever seen. I've been doing research into it and the cost of living isn't to bad its more less like living in Baltimore or Washington D.C. or even Philidelphia. So as far as the cost goes its not that bad. Now realistically we wouldn't even move until Shelly is out of school. But man I got that itch and really can't wait till then. I lived in the middle of the states, lived on the east, now its time to live on the west. Who knows maybe that will be the last move probably not though. Seattle has two to three service centers to choose from and they are always looking for people. Shelly says I have alot of wants but somehow we always make it work. Oh yeah I do have to still convince my wonderful wife to sign on to this adventure as she doesn't know yet thats our next big move. So good luck to me and maybe I'll start writing more so check back. Oh yeah congrats to my cousin Adam for being a dad!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I would like to take back on of the YAYs from yesterday. Can I do that? Seriously, my car didn't get finished yesterday (something about Ford sending them the wrong part...) and so today it was finished... Okay I can handle that... but WOW! I just got a bill that is DOUBLE what Kevin, his brother and I were all thinking... Can we say OUCH? My pocketbook (shush Chris) really really hurts right now. But atleast it's fixed and will be home tonight or tomorrow afternoon whenever we have the time to get it since I have to work the evening shift tonight and the day shift tomorrow...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

YAY for Kevin coming home tomorrow!

YAY for getting my car back tomorrow!

YAY for David Cook winning American Idol!

That is enough YAY for today!

That is all

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!

Five years ago today something life changing took place. No we didn't start dating, and we didn't get engaged today (Please we had only been dating 3 months!!!) The 3 months part is very important though. I had to have my aortic valve replaced. While that is HUGE to go through, the most awesome part... Kevin.

I had a lot of thought about what would happen after only 3 months. He was such a wonderful trooper and really helped me through so much. There are many of our family and friends that were there as well. I think the day that Kevin drove me home Sunday May 25th I knew he was the one for me and I was the one for him. Just the simple way he took care of me, and was there on all of his days off just taking care of me, and when the inevitable post surgery breakdown came, he was there. Today is the anniversary of a week long of moments that made me realize just how much I loved Kevin. I believe it was the 23rd when I told him. One part that I don't even know if he knows I know (he will now I guess) The day after surgery he stopped by my mom's work and was very concerned if I was going to be okay, which after a little white lie and a lot of conivincing they finally let him see me the night before which was not exactly my best night. I am glad that he was able to talk to her and that she was able to comfort him.

Kevin is one of the greatest people I have ever met and I love him with all my heart, stitches and all! I am glad that Adam invited, okay forced him to come to the party I was hosting for a friend, it definitely changed my life forever.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


I got my letter yesterday!!! I am soo excited!! I have been accepted to nursing school in the fall. I also got a job that I had tried for a year ago at a surgery center and this time they hired me, almost right off the back! I am glad b/c they pay better and are willing to work around school and all that fun stuff! In the meantime work is crazy and I am exhausted! So yeah laters

Friday, May 2, 2008

so yeah wow...

First things first... I GOT A JOB!! It's a pretty good job, with a horrible schedule, and a horrible pay... but if I get a higher paying job then I will have to leave or maybe work both jobs. For sure the first day I came home with a HUGE headache... Oh wait I am getting ahead of myself. I am working at Panhandle Assessment Center which takes care of kids that have been removed from their home for abuse or neglect, or it maybe that they used to be a foster home but things didn't work out for whatever reason, so they come to the center and stay for up to 12 weeks until they get a place to stay. Right now there are 17 kids total, 9 girls, and 6 boys. They were getting some new ones when I left this evening so I am thinking there are going to a few more girls and boys tomorrow when I go. I am about 12 hours away from finishing my training. I start my own shifts on Friday, and I have work the whole weekend!! :-P Saturday myself and another brand new girl are running the day shift so I am going in tomorrow to train for about six hours to see how the saturday shift works. I hope they aren't planning an outing since I still can't drive their vehicles yet. The kids are pretty difficult at times but other times they are good. I am a little worried because they don't listen to me very well lol. We'll see what happens I guess, I have an interview Monday but am trying to hold out for another position at a surgery center but we'll see I guess...

Secondly yeah I don't really have a secondly so hope you liked the first part LoL

Friday, April 25, 2008

We're back... worried weren't you? :)

After some time we have decided that positive thinking is the way to go!! Today my job wasn't posted :( Texas workforce wants to discuss the "seperation" from my last employer, and I still don't have a paycheck... SO yeah on to the positive thinking... Today was my inlaws birthdays, I know crazy they have the same birthday, same year, and only about 1 hour apart (taking into consideration the time change as they were not born in the same time zone) My silly friend Kell didn't even believe it, my FIL even talked to her about it it was funny :) He was a good sport! I made them brownies and had dinner with them at their house. Kevin is out of town so I was playing both parts :) Don't worry, he'll be back tomorrow morning :) We are heading to the lake to spend the night, play on the boat (if the weather agrees) and just hang out... I hope we remember pillows.... we ALWAYS forget pillows... I am glad that some things seemed to have settled down and for the weekend atleast I can worry about remember pillows, so much better than during the week... On monday though it's back to the grind... lol

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The good, and the bad.... we're skipping the ugly lol

So Kev and I paid our taxes today... ugh hopefully next year will be very different, considering I will have a different job. School should help also. Atleast we were able to pay on time and don't have to worry about it anymore!! :) I am glad for that...

Onto the good.... We are going to be cold!! Okay so that doesn't sound too good but most know that I don't do heat real well lol and we got central air put in today, talk about exciting! For us anyways haha :) I am glad, I was not ready for a summer here with no AC haha

Today was otherwise a fairly productive day and tomorrow will be a little less but still productive nonetheless. Sam was supposed to get a shot and a check up but they over scheduled the vet and so no :) I do have to visit the college and fill out even more paperwork yay :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So on Monday (much to my boss' dismay *rolls eyes*) I took a HESI exam. It tested my math skills, reading comprehesion, and vocab and general knowledge. I had bought the study guide and studied a little, but was mostly disappointed with not so much the guide itself, but the content is easier than I was expecting, considering it is a part of the entrance to nursing school with a 14% chance of starting this fall. I did very well, even the nursing teaching staff I had to turn my scores into were impressed. :) go me!! I got a 96% in math, a 93.62% in reading, and 98% in vocab. With an average of 95.87% I earned myself 5 more points. So I am hoping that 11 (maybe 12, not sure) out of 14 points will be higher than 600 other students and I can start in the fall... I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can start! Now all there is to do is to wait... I hate that part, atleast another month before I know anything else.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Relay for life anyone?

Kevin and I have decided to join in Relay for life. We are putting together a team and working on donations and all that kinda stuff. So of course a nice little plug for ourselves on our own page lol :) So here is our link, if you are local and want to join, let us know! If you want to help otherwise that is awesome too! If none of the above works for you then just wish us luck! Thanks

Sunday, March 23, 2008

We got a new microwave..... again

Well our recently purchased microwave went kaput and so today I exchanged it for a new one. Hopefully this one will prove all of the good reviews I'd read about it. Keep your fingers crossed :-P This weekend we spent some time at the lake house. It was COLD lol hopefully the next time we go it won't be so cold and we can actually visit the lake lol :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

We can be such slackers :)

Yes yes I know we aren't very good lately about updating but you know :) So the only new news I have is that I've been accepted for school in the fall and am waiting for them to decide on which credits they are going to take. Keeping my fingers crossed that it is most of them.... Although I know there are some they are not going to like and some that well my grade probably wasn't high enough, which is only one, maybe two, but honestly it wasn't entirely my fault.... oh well though.

We also are going to be spending a lot of time at the lake now that it is getting warmer, pretty much a weekend that kevin is not on call... we will be at the lake fun stuff :)

Also I went to see the dietician this last week. He said that I am doing a pretty good job on my own and just wanted to tweak my diet. I have successfully lost 7 pounds in a month, not easy but definately is getting easier and more habit.

More updates later!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Today Kev and I went out and played tennis with our friends Chris and Tosha. We had a blast. I have been waiting for a long time to go. I had my racquet and balls for quite some time now but today we finally got to go play :) It was like 70 today! of course though with the typical amarillo wind it was a little cooler, but you know. Now for the kicker.... it's supposed to snow tonight! Go figure haha.

Friday, February 29, 2008

as promised!

So not the best picture but hard to get it in front of a mirror since I have to keep them in the bedroom so Roxy won't eat them! HAHA

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today Kevin and I have been married for 3 years. Crazy I know I can't believe it either. This year I left the planning of our anniversary to Kevin :) He did a great job! Apparently he went last week (yes last week.... I was shocked too since he usually waits til the day of) and ordered me flowers which were delivered to my work this afternoon. They are so pretty... Roxy likes em too, she was trying to eat them. When Kev got off work we went out to eat at my favorite resturant Olive Garden. It was good. Now we are just relaxing and spending the evening together. It was a great anniversary. I got Kev a funny card and the third season of Lost :) I have a picture of my flowers but haven't uploaded them but I'm working on it :) hehe Oh well back to our anniversary! more fun stuff later!!

Monday, February 18, 2008


Well Kev and I got my office back together and were going to take some pictures so you could see the carpet which I might add no one quessed the colors :( However we went to close the door and it was snowing and freezing rain and we decided to get out of there.

I got my other set of lab work today and it pretty much said the same thing, some of it though I don't understand and will have to ask the doc about it because it in involves some very important information in the future of my fertility... so I need to investigate if those are okay or not. My thyroid does seem to be staying fairly stable through all of the lab tests and have another coming up at the end of the month to check it again and to check my lipids for any change. We will find out soon enough if I am going to be able to have a child on my own, and when considering, two doctors wants me to start soon and get it over with, the other seems to think waiting a long while is the better option..... so yeah I don't know. Do I go with which has the more votes? the one I see most often? The one who cares more about my metabolic x and pcos or the one who will be following me while i am pregnant, or ask another doctor... I just don't know. I am just taking it one day at a time and trying to get my stuff under control so I don't have to worry about all of this stuff....

As for everything else I am trying to think of a good surprise for Kev for our anniversary.... I did such a good job for valentines that the anniversary is going to be hard.... :-P

Sunday, February 17, 2008


We got new carpet in my office this weekend... I have to go put it back in order.... fun stuff but I'm gonna take pictures of when things are put away :) It looks pretty i'm impressed with the choice.... oh btw I got to pick the color! I'll let you guys guess what color I picked before I show you the pictures :) (I don 't think I already told you....) if so then well you know! haha

Lab results

My endo's office has this system where if you want your labs mailed to you, they give you an envelope you fill out your address and they send them to you with a note of what the dr says. I of course did that. They arrived in the mail yesterday! One thing I noticed that wasn't noted is my potassium is close to being low... will probably have to up my potassium.... ugh just what I want to take more pills lol. I also found out that my thyroid medicine is doing wonders for my thyroid so YAY to that. Another questionable one was my testerone levels.... which I might add are very normal. so another yay there. Now onto the bad.... I definitely have metabolic x, insulin resistance (same thing 2 names) it's not terrible but definitely it's there. I started medicine today to help level that out and will in the long run help out quite a few things even so hopefully this medicine will help. Finally something seems to be right since my thyroid is much better after 3 weeks of medicine it is at a better number than it was. I started taking the metformin today and am def having some of the side effects my poor tummy :-P the dr says that should go away, so I'm going to keep trudging along and hope it helps!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I know I know I'm a little late :)

This is the promised pic of what was on my desk wednesday morning :)

PS that isn't my desk, just where i was when I took the picture, note that is it diet friendly for me :)

This is what I found when I got back from my doctors appointment....

yes.... that is a cialis sticker..... thanks to rep for that one, he was using my desk while i was gone and he was waiting for the lunch he ordered for our office.... guess he thought that i needed a cialis sticker...

For a little fun since I was late :) I added pictures of the babies :) Roxy's new place to hang out is the dryer (with or without clothes)

Our little runaway who is fully recovered and safe at home

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Today part II

Today I spent plenty of time at the doctors office, no not the one I work at, the endo's office. His name is Dr. Brantley and if it's been more than one month since he has seen you, or in my case a new patient you get blood work and a UA so that was my first stop in the office. Then he came in the room, and answered any and all questions I had. Today I learned....
1. I for sure have a crapped out thyroid
2. I for sure have Metabolic X syndrome
3. I have to take more medicine
4. I am going to see the dietician in exactly one month unless things are 'weird' with bloodwork
5. The aforementioned medicine will help pretty much everything above
6. I have to check my sugar often (NO I'm not diabetic)\
7. I will find out if my thyroid replacement is doing it's job very soon, and learned it may be temporary *keeping my fingers crossed*
8. I am weird as my lab result numbers confuse the doctor as to if I'm getting better or worse....
9. I have to go back in 2 months to see how everything is going
10. That means I have to have more labs drawn then

So today I still didn't learn everything but it's a step and gives me a better idea of what is going on.

In other news:
There was another field fire (did I tell you about the first? I dunno) but anyways this time 2 homeless guys started a fire (with very very windy conditions) in a field to cook their lunch... their 'campfire' grew pretty big. crazy i tell ya.

Tomorrow I will post a picture of what I found on my desk today before and after my dr appt. Yes I remember I am supposed to post a pic of my new glasses but I left em at chris and tosha's house oops...


They moved my endo appointment up from April 2nd to today.... This afternoon is my appointment. I am ready I have my food logs, my exercise logs, my labs, my questions, and my med list. Time to face the music and see what he says. I have been doing well with my eating and staying within my ranges. I haven't been soo good with exercising but I'm slowly making myself do it, I still have furniture to rearranging to do this weekend. Also I am getting a new machine, not sure which one yet but I can promise it will not be a treadmill :-P We'll see what this guy says today and hope that things go well!

Monday, February 11, 2008


I have successfully gotten both of my appointments scheduled. I got some blood work done on friday (I have the bruise to show it!) The dietitican appointment is march 15th or so, and the endo appointment is scheduled for april 2nd but if they get anything sooner they are going to call me. Now all I can do is take my medicine, exercise, watch what I eat, write everything down and well wait of course.... At the end of the month they will check my thyroid and see if that number is any better.... keep your fingers crossed. They will check everything else again in July to see where all the other labs are. Depending on those numbers and a few other things in August they may do more labs and then we'll go from there I suppose.... Oh yeah I found out when I was getting my glasses that it is almost time for an exam, but I am going to put that off a little bit while they are doing everything else. Priorities you know :)

As for other things, Kevin is just working like a maniac still, tonight though he is off early and we get to hang out! Thursday he is taking the whole day off because he has too much overtime, which will give us a guaranteed valentines together b/c I get off at like 2 on thursdays.

Friday, February 8, 2008

rough stuff

Well I was finally getting things on the right track, got my homesickness under control, we moved, things have been going well. I've been working my butt off at the gym, unfortunately not literally. Come to find out something is wrong with me.... again.... My thyroid numbers are high which means my thyroid is not working enough ( high numbers = low thyroid, go figure) None the less I have been gaining weight and am now more than I weigh before I started. I went to the ob/gyn doctor and I now have to see an endocronologist, and a dietician. The endocronologist for both my thyroid and another syndrome that I've had since I was 14 PCOS which only shows it's face when gaining weight. Despite everything I am doing just that. So my ob/gyn says no having babies for atleast 6 months to a year until they figure what is going on with my thyroid, I have started medication for it and in about a month they will do more blood work. Today I had lots and lots of bloodwork done as I'm having some other problems that well you all might not want all of the details to. Regardless it's been enough, although probably not as bad as you think. I've started to log everything I eat, drink, do, including medication, and the times of everything. As of now I'm in limbo, waiting for the endocrinologist who may or may not send me his own dietician or going to another through the hospital. awaiting my recent blood work, and looking forward to more (well not really but you know.) all in all that is what's going on around here. Otherwise Kevin is still pretty steady with NWTHS and we finally got to go get a movie and sack out a little tonight! :) oohh and I got new glasses today, pictures later promise!

Time to watch the movie hear from ya soon! :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

don't miss the first one from today but just though of something!

yes this is a second post of the day.... I know two in one day right!? go me! (does this make up for the times I slack?!) LoL

This one is for Adam over at tuttletree.... I eluded to a story based on one of his photos and thought I'd let him out of suspense... although the likelyhood my childhood story kept him in too much suspense is low I figure I'll still share so here's to you Adam!

When I was little we used to go to Westminster MD to see my "poppy" (my stepdad's grandfather), I would say about a few times a year. He lived on this HUGE farm... there I learned to love, and then later hate horses. Learned to pick apples from a tree, rode on some huge farm equipment and tasted the most fresh water I've ever had in my life. We would hike way out behind the house, past the farm into the woods to a stream where water flowed from the mountain. We would find the perfect spot where it was constantly moving water and fill up some containers and drink right from the stream. The best place we found was surrounded with trees deep in the woods with beautiful trees, and spots of light poking through. It wasn't unsual to see a deer or two which we could get pretty close to if we tried really hard and stayed very patient. It was beautiful. I just wish I'd been into taking pictures, as a matter of fact I don't remember EVER taking a picture one when we went there to visit. The only ones we ever saw were ones that Jake (I can't remember if/how he's related) painted. They were beautiful. So now I know that my writing and story telling isn't up to yours and actually writing this brings back lots of wonderful memories, and sad since the farm was sectioned off and sold when my poppy died and is no longer the beautiful place it once was. I hope you get how the stream hit me so profoundly, if so then my story with some rambling did it's job.

Hello moon

Moon.... because well Kevin has been seeing it a lot lately. The new contract for his company with UHS (the huge hospital system nationwide that just hired hill-rom), our local is NWTHS (the one I USED to work at) has been running him ragged. All of his beds are out and they are still wanting more!! Of course his helper is out of town this week for training and he's busting his butt off!

Did you notice the used to? I got "terminated" from NWTHS b/c they didn't call me.... go figure... of course though it is considered that I gave my two weeks and when I asked if for some reason I wanted to come back if I could... they were like uh in a minute, do you want to start next week!? I was like uh no I was just asking :)

Otherwise we are just working and rearranging some of the rooms as things are working the way we originally planned and I am making one room an office, and exercise room, and the middle room is the guest room. This will be of course until a baby comes, and NO there is not one coming so don't even start with me!

and for fun.....

Saturday, February 2, 2008

yes i cheated, if you don't know how, don't worry bout it :)

Today kev and I got a new tv for the bedroom. I have to add that it is not my bright idea for such a thing, seeing as how I would be perfectly content with not having a tv in there period. While going from place to place to find one we liked and with a decent price Kev got called to work and I got dubbed the tv finder. I finally found a decent one that I think will be good at walmart, as we didn't have much luck at best buy or sam's. As for the exciting part we got a new microwave! go us! We have been using the same one that I've had before I was with Kevin and I can't for the life of me remember if I got it new at 18 or if it was a hand me down. This 0ne is bigger and hopefully won't Power off on its own after 3 seconds of cooking.... and the last time we used the old one it was smoking and smelled so we decided not to use it after that. We ALSO ended up getting a new bluray player since it was on sale for a good price at best buy.Kevin is unfortunately still at work since he was called out while we were shopping, and has to had make a circle and some backtracking and places I don't really know where they were are, just an idea of how far away they are. Hopefully he'll be home in an hour or an hour and a half....Otherwise things are good, My staff is doing well and things seem to be running pretty smoothly at the office. On monday we are getting an "audit" "recredentialing" from BCBS and had to get some stuff at the office done today. Kev's dad came and switched a doorknob and fixed my desk. Dr. B got a hold of him and had him check out a few other things.... I was like Dr B he is just here to do me a favor!! Luckily I put a stop to that before it got even worse.Things are moving and grooving with kevins work he is soo busy!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Since we moved into our house we've been trying to fix somethings up. We've painted and are in the middle of taking wallpaper down and decorating etc etc. Well today I stepped up to plate and changed a showerhead all by myself, teflon tape and all! I even know what that is haha! I also hung some decorations in the bathroom that I have had sitting around since christmas and pictures will follow. I didn't think to take them until I was pretty much finished. It took three tries of tightening and loosening until it did not leak but by golly by the time I was done we had a new showerhead with two heads that works! As you all know Kevin <3's his showers. This is his valentines gift that he had only to enjoy it. This part he got a little early because not only does it help him, but I didn't like the one we had before so it benefitted each of us :) Nonetheless I tackled it and was very proud that I in fact did it and got it to work!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hello Sunshine

Well nothing too exciting has happened since our trip. It was back to work for both of us and lots of laundry LoL :) I had to buckle down and play boss.... I sometime wonder how I am in that position because I feel so bad about it, I'm just too nice LoL so it was against my normal grain but I hosted a meeting and brought everything up that needed to be addressed. Kevin hasn't been killed but in the next week or so he will be starting with his new contract at the big hospital so he will be pretty busy!

I got to spend some time yesterday with Kev's mom at the spa! She had a massage, pedicure, and manicure, I got a facial, pedicure, and manicure. It was fun and totally something different. We then went out to lunch and just hung out as the girls LoL those days are always fun :)

Today is just a lazy productive day (doesn't make sense I know) but I've cleaned up the kitchen and am working on laundry and hunting up new recipese to learn to cook :-D If you hear of a fire in Amarillo you'll know HAHA. Speaking of the buzzer is going off and it's time for me to work on some laundry again. Hope all is well! check out the pictures and comment if you want!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Moving up

Just a quick FYI I moved up in the world and signed us up for a flickr pro account, yes I know you are proud ;) Seeing as how I have sooo many pictures lately and so little space to put them I decided to step up to the plate and sign up lol Now you can expect all kinds of pictures LoL Hope you enjoy!


After our baby Sammie was safely home and rested we headed off for vacation (I was very worried she wouldn't be found before we left) to Vegas! We had so much fun, and saw so much and still feel like we didn't see it all. I ended up taking somewhere around 400 pictures some of them were better than others but you know. Our best friends out here got married there and so we ended up making it a vacation also so that we could enjoy some time away. We saw as much as we could fit and who knows how many miles we walked. We visited a lot of places on the strip though and we are going to go back next year, probably in feb for our anniversary. We are planning to head to new mexico this year I think but that's a whole other story. Here are a couple of pictures, I will upload more to flicker very shortly but seeing as how I have the freebie one I can only upload so many photos at a time so it'll be a long drawn out process but atleast you have stuff to look forward from us! :)

That says Casino Royale (there is a palm tree in case you can't tell :) ) Leave it to kev to get it right down the middle lol. That is where we stayed, but we didn't spend much time there as we were always on the go or sleeping....

Here we are at Cesears Palace.... We were trying to show us and the fountain but you know the whole taking your own picture thing is risky but we love this picture even though you can't really see the fountain.

There are sooo many more I don't even know where to start but soon they will be on flicker so keep an eye out!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sammy's weekend.....

Well sam got out sometime saturday night and spent the night around somewhere too far away to hear us yelling and calling for her. She was in the neighbors yard behind us awhile and two people saw her, but they couldn't catch her.... She musta come there in the morning I guess.... she was soo close yet so far..... She somehow crossed 34th which is like rte 50 or something back east into a church parking lot with a little injury..... An elderly couple were trying to pick her up and she bit the lady.... A younger couple went over to help them and learned that it was not their dog, and the man of that couple also got bit. The younger couple took her home, cleaned her up, dubbed her Molly, fed her all she would eat and comforted her the best they could. First thing this morning they called the humane society to see if anyone had called in about her, she called about 15 minutes after I called and reported her missing..... and she had taken sam to her work and called me and I went to pick her up. She and I were both so happy.... I wrote her a quick thank you note before leaving my office, but don't know what else to do.... She was the nicest lady and she totally understood how I felt and showed me pics of her "babies" I told her we'd keep molly as the middle name ;) and would return the lease she so graciously lent me because I was unable to hold her because of her pain..... and need to think of a way to thank her properly..... Sam and I are going to return the leash when she is feeling a lil bit better so she can be friendly.... Sam hung out at my office for a little bit and Kev brought me lunch and visited with her as well. I took her to the vet's office where she bit the vet.... but he said she has a sprained shoulder and bruised ribs and will be okay but will be hurting the next few days and gave us medication for her.... She is sleeping now soundly under the blanket next to me. She is so sad with her teary eyes and you can look at her and know she is hurting but I'm glad to have her back. Any suggestions on a good thank you for my saving grace as we've been calling her would be appreciated.

Monday, January 14, 2008

*Sigh* She is home

Well I just wrote a whole long post of sam's story of the weekend but it messed up so I will have repeat later since I have to go back to work.... ugh..... but she is safe, a couple injuries, but safe! More later!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Sammy wasn't stolen, but she is still lost and I went everywhere today to find her :( I passed out a whole lot of fliers and some people behind us saw her this am but they lost her and couldn't catch her. Kevin went out twice in the car at different times to today to look for her also with no luck :( We are missing her so much! I am hoping someone calls or takes her to the pound and I can check to see if she is there, we are leaving thursday for vegas so i hope she is back by then.....


So today is a sad day....... this will be a short post b/c I'm so upset and mad and just crying and can't believe people are so mean! Samantha is gone.... like someone came in our backyard and took her..... Kev and I had plans with the guys and the girls respectively b/c our friends are getting married next weekend. I put sammy in our little fence area and closed it and put the latch down. Kevin had taken out the trash earlier and can't remember if he locked the big fence but even so she was locked in the little fence.... He went outside to get her and the big fence gate was wide open and the gate was closed totally different than I do it..... so she is gone... we've looked for her and called for her and being so late their isn't much to do but wait.... I personally want to call the cops and knock on doors and run through the neighborhood but I'm so sad and can't get over why someone would take my sammy :( She is our baby and I'm just sad and mad......

Thursday, January 10, 2008

2 in one week..... I so rock!!!

Okay well actually I do rock haha on Rock Band.... that game is AWESOME :) We have spent way too many hours playing it. Also today I got old school (as in original nintendo) mario for my wii which I so love!!
On to other things we are going to vegas next thursday.... that's officially one week from today! I need to go shopping! LOL It will be very exciting, and of course our friends are getting married (the whole reason we are going) but we turned it into a vacation so we are very excited.
Since I thought you might want to see the ornament we got this year I took a picture for you guys! I know the love.... you feel it right?

More fun pics are of the babies :)

<~~~~ She LOVES the bathtub, until you turn it on HAHA :)

Kevin and I had some pictures taken by our good friend Chris and here is a collage he made for us and soon when I get to it like when i'm not working which is well we'll have to see the rest will make it to flicker LOL

Awww :) and now I say goodnight as it is late!! :)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Go ahead fuss..... we'll wait........

Okay so we aren't very patient we are finished waiting :) Now time for that update you are dying to hear about!! Kevin and I moved which I think I told you a little bit ago. On to the holidays. My parents drove..... yes drove... I'll give you a second to realize just how LOOONNGG of a drive that is...... If only I could get my stepdad to fly it would be alright :) We had christmas with Kevin's family on christmas eve because his dad had to work, and then we went back over for christmas day, my family included :) While my family was here I was unfortunately sick and wasn't a very good host. They did bring scrapple which those of you on the shore know is a wonderful breakfast food, the crazy people here know nothing about it. We did get our friends Chris and Tosha to try it, Chris liked it, Tosha didnt' really want much to do with it. I am soon going to introduce them to old bay french fries haha :) Even though it seemed to take forever to get our tree and shopping done we were ready and even got our annual christmas ornament in time. This years is a little noteworthy as we alternate silly ones and ones with meaning every other year. This was a sad year for both of us losing our grandparents.... me 3 in less than a year and 1 in just over a year, and Kevin's nanna this year as well so we opted for a beautiful gold and glass angel to remind us of them.

As for the new year we rang it at our friends chris and tosha's house. It was a lot of fun, just hanging out with everyone and meeting many new people and just having a good time, minus a little drama but who needs to remember that part?

In a little less than two weeks we are heading out to Vegas for about 5 days for chris and tosha's wedding which we have extended into a vacation for ourselves and we plan to get as much in as possible so we will be very tired when we get home! I will hopefully remember to take pictures since lately I have not done any of that.

Sam and Roxie are adjusting well, Sam is still little and skinny and Roxie is catching up with her quickly and is in love with a red laser light, we have been having a lot of fun with that.

As for anything else real exciting kev's mom and i are going to be pampered later this month after i get back from vegas with a few hours at the spa and lunch thanks to kev's dad, and maybe we'll get a makeover or just window shop for a while to make it a day.... we all need a day to kick back and relax we can't wait! it will be so much fun.

As for Kevin well no spa for him but we all know a good play off game and the super bowl will be keeping him happy for a bit. :) He FINALLY got a second guy in Amarillo so he won't have as much call so to him I think that is "spa treatment"

So I hope I have filled you curiousity on our adventures in life and will post again soon, sooner than last time..... life has just been crazy lately!!!