Friday, December 14, 2007

water water everywhere.....

Today as I was entering the code to the back door of the office I hear what sounds like rain on the other side of the door...... someone come to take a shower? (which I might add I have used a time or two after the gym...) but alas it was actually raining in our office. Apparently a genius put the water heaters in the attic above our office and well it busted last night or early this morning and we had a major flood in our office. At first I thought it was just the med room and in the hallway until I noticed how much water was heading into the basement...... Once I realized this I learned this was no small leak.... our entire basement (computer server and all) was under water about 7inches.... It was crazy....See this was around 8am.... I soon learned that the fire dept had come at 7am and had been taken to the wrong office which they didn't search too hard or they would have found that office's basement was flooded as well..... so yeah.... quite a day I tell you quite a day.... We ended up having to go get some big fans and using a few others from the company cleaning up which were not very nice so I wasn't pleased about that.... as for me I am sooo glad this week is over... time to relax clean up and finish unpacking lol and get ready for christmas as my family is visiting again and we have big plans for after christmas in jan. so we have a lot to get ready for!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I forgot!!

I meant to post this picture of kev and I when we went to a birthday party of a girl that we don't even know but we know her brother, and so he invited us. Anyways it's a picture of us which of course is rare it seems and always fun to have a new picture or two. Soon we should have a bunch of new ones from getting our pictures done at the park by our friend Chris.

Yes Yes I know I know

Okay so it's been awhile since I've posted but I have a good excuse, really I do. We've moved!! Our one bedroom apartment is no longer our home... We have moved to the house that Kevin grew up in actually. We still have a lot of work to do and a lot of unpacking left but we've done some painting and rearranging and things are going well. Our animals are slowly adjusting to all of the space they now have to explore and are simply exhausted by the end of the day after much running around. They follow us around though it's funny.

I finally got a charger for my new camera, did I mention that already? So as soon as I find it packed up somewhere I will def have some pictures for you all, or one? I don't have a clue how many read this haha :)

So tomorrow is going to be a very sad day at my work. That is the downfall of working in the dr's office... sometimes you have to give bad news :( That is hard because you have been getting to know them and talk to them both in person and on the phone and then you have to tell them something horrible and it always makes for a bad day. I know you are saying well the Doctor will tell him and you don't have to.... However at our office we all go in for the bad news to let the patient know that we will be doing everything we can to support them and will be there to help with whatever we can. As the recently dubbed office manager I have to be there and also give them the details on the hospital they will be referred to and let them know everything they need to bring and to also help them with finding things around the hospital like hotels and I have a lot of research to do since this is the first since I've been the Office Manager and only my second delivery of bad news so it's rough and hard to think about it coming, but atleast he is going to the best hospital in the country for his condition which I'm not really allowed to tell you but it sucks that is for sure.

I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving! I am anxiously awaiting christmas to see my family that is coming for a visit... yay!! OOhh and we already got our first snow! I was so shocked it was so early.... but of course it was the day I was trying to pack some stuff and move it so that sucked, I have the bruises to prove it but it was snow nonetheless :) I can't wait til we have enough to make snow angels.... juvenile I know but it's one of the first things Kev and I did when we started dating so we try to do it when we can :) Although I have to say when I was teaching Kev how to make a snow angel I forgot to tell him to move his legs and that combined with his hoodie horns looked more like a devil next to my angel of course ;) so it's always something funny for us to talk about and repeat when we can. Here's to looking forward to fun traditions and the joy of the holiday!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

work work work

Well are still alive and well. I have been promoted at work to office manager/nurse/receptionist you name it... I do it.... so that is a lot of extra stress in my life. We are trying to get the house ready soon I should have pictures since I finally got a charger for my camera. It has been an awful amount of work and we are still working hard to make it the way we want it and getting some new pieces of furniture to fill the house :) We have lots of big plans for it. I have been going to classes at the gym four days away which make me feel pretty good and tired as well though but I'm feeling good about going even though now I have to worry about asthma which I was recently diagnosed with. I seem to have found a way to prevent post exercise attacks and have a machine that should I really need help it is ready.

This morning kevin's cowork in lubbock passed away of cancer that had spread to pretty much everywhere in his body which is very sad.

Sorry to end this on that sad note but kevin and I have to head to some errands for fun things like paint chips and mopping a kitchen floor :)

Monday, October 29, 2007

No, we did not fall off the face of the world

This has been a crazy week. Kevin's Nanna was sick in the hospital and so we were in Lubbock for a few days (that is two hours south of here for those non texans) Her kidneys were failing her and causing her to be septic. In the end the medication was stopped and she was made comfy with no more blood pressure cuffs (you know how bad those automatic ones hurt) and given a little morphine. The doctors thought it wouldn't take more than an hour or so. Being the trooper she was Nanna made it 9 or so hours before taking her last breath peacefully. We returned to Amarillo for a day or two to get things together and returned to Lubbock yesterday for the services which were held today. She is in a musoment (who knows how to spell it I think it's supposed to be a mix of museum and monument) She is in the same one with her hubby who passed many years ago. I had never seen this type of thing above ground. In puerto rico they sort of have a family tomb underground where the entire family is buried and once they have decayed their remains are put in a smaller container and put away kind of like a book shelf to make room for the newly deceased. Of course I have seen a grave so this was a very new concept for me. There were no tombstones in the sense that I know them. They were metal and almost like a plauge with a spot for a vase to put flowers. I have digressed enough. The services were very nice. Kevin was a pallbearer along with his 3 cousins and his dad. He was able to see some of his family that he hasn't seen in awhile but under unfortunate circumstances. We drove home today afterwards and it's back to work tomorrow.

Onto better news.... Kevin and I are moving this month into the house that Kevin grew up in and we will be staying there for awhile lol we are so not into moving a whole lot more haha it's dramatic. We have a few things to do and get ready but it should be in the next few weeks. More on that later as things progress and we know a little more about what is going on.

Update on Sam and Roxie.... Well with Roxie being away for a week (we had her kittysat by our friends while we were going away) they seem to have to start all over with their friendship and there is much barking and hissing going on but it'll get better. Atleast Roxie remembers she still loves us and is very cuddly still so that is good.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Learn to not expect anything exciting here :)

Speaking of my title, I can never think of anything good to lead off with, which sometimes means I can't think of anything to write about. I know that some of our blogs are well not exciting to say the least but hey you are family or a friend, or maybe a future friend so you should love it just the same :)

Okay now onto what's new is our world. We are moving in November sometime (which I think I vaguely remember already mentioning) for sure. It is very exciting to be getting out of this one bedroom apartment. Our animals are getting along, although today was roxies first trip to the vet and she was not a happy kitty in any sense of the word, and boy did she let me know it she was LOUD and SHAKING like crazy I felt so bad. In 3 weeks she has to go back, so we are going to see if it is better if we take her and sammy together so we'll see how that goes. In the meantime we are just trying to go through some of our stuff that we have collected and don't need/want, and getting our stuff ready to move. I am also excited about painting and picking colors and all that fun stuff. That is about all I have right now. Nothing like a friday night blogging before we go bowling with our friends but not for another couple of hours.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

what are you thinking roxie?

Okay so this wasn't what I planned to blog about today but the cat is going crazy! She is hiding in my legs under the laptop where I am sitting indian style. If I put the laptop over her head she hits it with her head and claws my legs, if I move it over she goes after my typing fingers, until she realizes she can still claw my legs. See the common thread of all that? My legs are being clawed to no end today.... No matter if I put her on the other side of the couch, the chair, or the room even she just comes back to my lap. She is crazy....

On to the real blog assuming I can get through it without any blood from the cat who is now licking my arm.....(she's learned a thing or two from the dog). Today at work was not your typical doctors office day. We had a deposition. My oh my lawyors can be pricks, no way around that one. There were 3 lawyors in our office, a court reporter, and videographer, and of course the doctor and in the other room... me. I got to witness and listen to a lot of the deposition and one of the lawyors which in the end I would say asked the best questions even though he was very rude and tried to dictate and change the answers but Dr. B. stood strong. He had to answer questions for like 4 hours! It was a mess. The lawyor that was the meanest flipped out when he saw the office and wanted a bigger room, he told him oh well LoL because that is all we had. That was about the extent of my work day, but it was different and very crazy the way a deposition is handled if you have never seen one, it's quite a feat to watch and know when things are being recorded and on and off record and all that fun stuff. I even saw Dr. B run, now that was funny haha :) He was looking for charts to show a particular injury. It went well and seems to show that our patient will most likely win his suit.

While we are blogging I have to mention and Kevin and I need to coordinate the getting off early or late thing a little better. It seems when I get off early he gets off late and vice versa. Take today for example he left at like 630 this morning and won't be home until tomorrow night. Today I was off by 2pm. In the meantime we just do what we can haha :) It is offical we are moving at the end of November and we cannot wait. I want to know that if we are both working how are we going to get packed? Any volunteers? We'd love the company haha :)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Good news!

Yes we do have good news :) I am going to take my time getting there though because it's not anything really exciting is just great news for us, and our living situation. Okay Okay Kevin's company got a HUGE contract today, part of which is here in Amarillo. This is good news because there is no chance that we will have to move somewhere else due to them closing the service center here. It possibly will mean that there will be a second person working at his service center which really hopefully will make things better on him. It's stressful for him to be on his own and to take all of the call. Lucky for him once he gets home tonight (which won't be til near 10pm) he is off for the weekend :) I am glad to have the weekend for he and I to hang out together. Our exciting plans include well... Sams club and laundry I think :) Better than him having to work all weekend again. I def won't have to work so that is good. I have been getting more and more tasks more directed to office manager than anything. I also play nurse in the mornings and then do a lot of other things now that we have another girl up front. Dr. B. would like me to become a notary and will pay for it. Things at both of our jobs are looking good. School is still in our future, and we may even have found a house to rent, more details on that later though.

Finally Sammy and Roxie are willing not only to be in the same place at the same time they actually play together haha :) They are so cute together, but they demand A LOT of attention and one can't get any without the other. Sammy sometimes forgets which food is hers but I think she is getting better about not eating the kitten food. She def gets it when you say no, she spits it out crazy girl I tell you.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Sammy and Roxie are finally and getting along, and I might add they are cutely snuggled up and sleeping on the couch with Kevin. Had I not been an idiot and accidently thrown away my camera charger I could have taken a picture. I however ended up tossing the charger cord with the trash when we got the camera and have yet to find a replacement.... I can be sooo not smart sometimes for a pretty smart girl :) I am so upset over that because I love my new camera and now I can't use it.... I am working on it though. I am glad that Roxie and Sam are getting along, now they can stay in the same room at night and Roxie won't try to hiss Sam away :) They were even playing today.

Today I got a new coworker, and she seems like she is going to work out pretty good, and will be working in the front office with me. I am glad to have someone to help, sometimes 3 phone lines, and 1 person to answer them gets a little rough. Hopefully she will be a lot of help and be able to do things well and helpfully :)

Kevin's company may be getting a new account that would be HUGE and so I can't say a whole lot at this point but, if this goes like expected they will be hiring a second person and will not have to close the Amarillo branch as was thought might happen not long from now. We are keeping our fingers crossed for this new account.

That is about the extent of our excitement, I know I know you are just wiggling out of your seat with the joy of all of our excitement but hey you know it's life and things are good, so, can't be too bad. Always a good thing when there isn't too much negative drama going on in life :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

New Name

Okay we decided that Tara (the name she came with) wasn't a good fit for us so we've renamed the kitten Roxie, now if we could only get her to befriend the dog, it would be okay haha :) It's going to be an interesting few weeks while they try to get along HAHA :)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

And then there were 4

Today we welcomed a new member to our family. I went to a work (the hospital) bbq at my friend's house and she offered me a kitten, and I joking said "Kevin would have a fit!" I talked to him on the phone later and just said "Hey want a kitten HAHA?" He was like what? do you? So after many uh I don't know what about Sammy and do we really want one... I came home with a kitten. Her name is Tara. She is 5 weeks old and loves to play and explore all the dark places around such as under the dresser, the bed and in the closet. She is a lot of fun though and I caught a picture of her while she was sleeping, but playful pictures will probably come as that seems to be one of her favorite past times. Who knew a ball with a little bell in it could create hours of fun, not only for her but for Kev and I?

Samantha is very curious about her, but as of right now Tara is not having it. She hisses and gets ready to attack when she even sees Sammy about to come her way, or even thinking about it, or so it seems. It is quite funny and we do hope that they will become buddies soon. We are trying to introduce them slowly but Tara really has no desire whatsoever to even be curious. I figured since I was posting pictures of Tara I couldn't let Sammy think she was being neglected now that there is a new member, whom I might add she is very very jealous of and took her picture as well :)

She does NOT look happy, and it took about ten tries to even get her to kind of look at me. Things are a little tense for her but she will manage I'm sure. She is going to hate it when we decide to add a baby to the mix, she seems to handle just about anything as long as it doesn't include someone else to take up the attention she feels she deserves and ever so lovingly shows us she is annoyed when something else is getting our attention even for a few minutes, talk about spoiled HAHA :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I know I know

Well it's been like what... 6 days since we posted.... we are really trying to be better haha. This week we have been working so late! Kevin has had to go to Clovis (300 miles round trip) everyday this week and has to go back tomorrow. He is trying to get a bed fixed, that is giving him a little bit of trouble. Things at my job have been a little stressful and well we have been running so late, it's crazy. I thought I was going to get out early today but nonetheless it was still 7pm before I got off.

With all of this working going on we were excited to hear that we have a 2 night, 3 day stay at a hotel, we are still working out the details and are hoping to apply it to our vegas trip in January which we are very excited about. We are heading out there for our friends' wedding which is at the Venetian and should be a lot of fun. We are also going for a couple extra nights to hang out and visit all around. Another exciting part is one of my best friends (she lives in philadelphia right now) is moving to Vegas like two weeks before we get there (if all goes as planned) so we will be able to see her too which is awesome. I am hoping that falls into place also. All in all we are just mostly working with nothing too exciting too share at the moment.

The only other news I just thought of is that we are probably going to move at the end of October because that is when our lease is up and we are looking for a house so hopefully that will work out too because they are trying to raise our rent and I think it's time we got out of this apartment anyway. I hope all is well on everyone else's end!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Kevin

Today Kevin is 25. There isn't a whole lot to tell about his birthday he did get a uh... motorcycle ;) and a little chocolate cake so he was happy as can be.

Today I was leaving the dr's office and I was waiting behind a red jeep to pull out on the main road. Well out of nowhere she just decides to back up.... into my car. I was so mad. I hit the horn when she was backing up and when she hit and she pulled out quickly and was gone. If by some chance lady in the red jeep finds this... I am so mad. All of this before Kevin tried to talk a car dealership into a good deal but they wouldn't go past a certain amount (thankfully) so that was quite a day dealing with cars. As for everything else things are going along we are just talking about finding a new place to stay and we are just trying to figure things out day by day. Soon pictures of the motorcycle will be posted you will enjoy them :)

Friday, September 7, 2007

Nothing exciting

I know I know, we are slacking already. What do you want us to do? Make up things to blog about? Change what really happened during the day to make it sound like something exciting? I didn't think so either. So here's the basics because well that is about it lately. Kevin had to have a sleep study this past week, actually it was part 2 of his sleep study experience. So lets rewind a little to just before his first one when he had to arrive at 8pm. I reassured (having had one myself back in delaware, which made me of course the expert of the house) him that they would not make him go to bed early (they didn't) that they had cable tv (they didn't), they had a shower for the goopy stuff they put in your hair the night before (they didn't), and why would he need a book (he did). Needless to say the first thing I heard the next morning was how they had him lie down at 930 and had no tv and no shower. So back to the second one, he was found to actually have sleep apnea where he stops breathing while he is sleeping and has to wear a machine that I have yet to see. So I'm thinking that will be cute (I will def try to get some pictures of that.) I just got a new camera and some new pictures will be readily available soon, be on the lookout (I know you are so excited). That is all the fun and excitement I have for you family and friends for the moment as I have to go get ready for dinner and movie.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

A little rambling.... :)

I hate it when you have a nice sized post written and something goes wrong and it doesn't work and nothing gets posted.... ugh :) So instead you get a quick overview because I am not into typing it all over again. Sorry :) I had to work today for awhile, things went so much better than they do during the week. It was a lot more relaxed in the sense of no drama like with the normal nurse who has been having a lot of stuff going wrong. She is making a lot of mistakes and some of them have been big ones which worry dr. b. he is going to talk to her but she might be not with us much longer. It will add a lot of stress and work to my life, but a lot of experience so we'll see. As for everything else well nothing exciting. This weekend will conclude with a lot of cleaning/organizing our apartment and possibly adding a few things to the dining room. We are trying to get atleast a rent house by november, and so we are needing to clean out anyways. Kevin has well been volunteered by well me :) to help and be involved so it will be a lot of work but it'll look better. Somehow we have collected a lot of stuff. I will try and get some after pictures to post. The only potential bad part of that is I am well a little slow at times and accidently threw my camera charger in the trash when I was getting rid of the box.... so we'll see I'll try. Hope everyone has a good labor day weekend.

Friday, August 31, 2007

We're back!

Well some of you knew our old link, some of you didn't, some of you know how bad we've been about updating it :) So bad in fact we forgot our login name, go figure :) As many of you know things are going pretty good for us at the moment. We are living in Amarillo, TX. Which from my standpoint is different from anything I've ever known but I like it so it's okay :) We are both enjoying our jobs and are making big plans for the future. We are both staring at school again and are very excited about it. I will leave you with just that much information for now, since it's my day off and the time has come to get dressed and all that fun stuff for a day out with my friend Tosha :) Hope all is well and we'll post more soon, I promise. (famous last words I know I know but hey atleast it's effort right?)