Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good reasons we've been quiet... Time to let it all out

Mostly we have been quiet because we have been filled with worry over this whole pregnancy thing, it's certainly been a rough trip and it's not over yet.

On 7/22 we went in for our first sonogram where they only saw the gestational sac and nothing else. Our pregnancy was dated 5w3d (10 days earlier than was expected). There were also some cysts on my right ovary. The u/s tech wasn't too worried b/c if I was really only 5 weeks then it was too early to see anything and so no big deal. Just repeat the sono

On 7/29 my NP calls and says she wants to talk and that she needs to check some hormones. So I go in the office where she tells me there is a good chance I have a blighted ovum. (basically that I'm just growing the placenta and no baby). She draws blood and schedules a sonogram.

7/30 we go to the hospital for a sonogram. They don't show me anything or even let me see the screen. I then have a second round of bloodwork less than 24 hours after the first.

7/31 the NP calls in the afternoon and tells me that they didn't see anything on the sonogram but the placenta and possibly the cysts are ectopic (pregnancy in tube or ovary, and is a VERY serious thing). She says my hormone levels rose, but that didn't mean anything because the sonogram showed nothing, in fact it showed that the placenta had stopped growing at 5 weeks, 3 days. She says she will get back to me on Monday with an appointment either at the clinic with a DR or at the high risk clinic I was already scheduled to go see.

Talk about a weekend of HELL!!

8/3 The nurse calls... they are cancelling the high risk appointment and making me wait a whole week before being seen... UH LADY are you CRAZY? I threw a little bit of a fit and got to keep my appt at the high risk clinic.

8/4 Confuse the high risk clinic about why I am there if I am not having a pregnancy, explain the above and they keep me (yay b/c she totally rocked) She said since I was still having symptoms of being pregnant she recommended another sonogram. (note 3rd one in as many weeks) I agreed hesitantly b/c I didn't want to see/hear about how empty it was *again*. So a couple of hours later I come back for a sonogram, and the dr comes to do it (told you she rocks). and surprise! There is a gestational sac that has grown to about the right size and a yolk sac that no one has ever seen before. They looked around FOREVER, and determined for sure that I do not have an ectopic (YAY).

With the yolk sac though they should be able to see a fetal pole (where the baby grows from as far as I can understand) and they were not able to see that part. So here's the plan:

8/11 another sonogram, to determine if anything changes, if so and there is a fetal pole then there is a good chance it's a viable pregnancy and things are hunky dorie. If nothing changes then it will be determined to be a non viable pregnancy and surgery will be in my near future. So in the meantime we wait, and wait some more. That's the worst part I think. We are trying to keep our hopes in a reasonable range, just in case. In the meantime I have to start blood thinners and will be getting a shot two times a day, by none other than Kevin! That will be until the pregnancy is complete (either way...)

So that's why we have been quiet, not knowing how to post what's going on and trying to wait til we know something for sure.