Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sammy's weekend.....

Well sam got out sometime saturday night and spent the night around somewhere too far away to hear us yelling and calling for her. She was in the neighbors yard behind us awhile and two people saw her, but they couldn't catch her.... She musta come there in the morning I guess.... she was soo close yet so far..... She somehow crossed 34th which is like rte 50 or something back east into a church parking lot with a little injury..... An elderly couple were trying to pick her up and she bit the lady.... A younger couple went over to help them and learned that it was not their dog, and the man of that couple also got bit. The younger couple took her home, cleaned her up, dubbed her Molly, fed her all she would eat and comforted her the best they could. First thing this morning they called the humane society to see if anyone had called in about her, she called about 15 minutes after I called and reported her missing..... and she had taken sam to her work and called me and I went to pick her up. She and I were both so happy.... I wrote her a quick thank you note before leaving my office, but don't know what else to do.... She was the nicest lady and she totally understood how I felt and showed me pics of her "babies" I told her we'd keep molly as the middle name ;) and would return the lease she so graciously lent me because I was unable to hold her because of her pain..... and need to think of a way to thank her properly..... Sam and I are going to return the leash when she is feeling a lil bit better so she can be friendly.... Sam hung out at my office for a little bit and Kev brought me lunch and visited with her as well. I took her to the vet's office where she bit the vet.... but he said she has a sprained shoulder and bruised ribs and will be okay but will be hurting the next few days and gave us medication for her.... She is sleeping now soundly under the blanket next to me. She is so sad with her teary eyes and you can look at her and know she is hurting but I'm glad to have her back. Any suggestions on a good thank you for my saving grace as we've been calling her would be appreciated.

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aunt kitty said...

I'm glad she's home safe. At least you can go to Las Vegas knowing she's safe now.

Can't wait to hear about your time in Vegas :)