Monday, February 11, 2008


I have successfully gotten both of my appointments scheduled. I got some blood work done on friday (I have the bruise to show it!) The dietitican appointment is march 15th or so, and the endo appointment is scheduled for april 2nd but if they get anything sooner they are going to call me. Now all I can do is take my medicine, exercise, watch what I eat, write everything down and well wait of course.... At the end of the month they will check my thyroid and see if that number is any better.... keep your fingers crossed. They will check everything else again in July to see where all the other labs are. Depending on those numbers and a few other things in August they may do more labs and then we'll go from there I suppose.... Oh yeah I found out when I was getting my glasses that it is almost time for an exam, but I am going to put that off a little bit while they are doing everything else. Priorities you know :)

As for other things, Kevin is just working like a maniac still, tonight though he is off early and we get to hang out! Thursday he is taking the whole day off because he has too much overtime, which will give us a guaranteed valentines together b/c I get off at like 2 on thursdays.

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