Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Since we moved into our house we've been trying to fix somethings up. We've painted and are in the middle of taking wallpaper down and decorating etc etc. Well today I stepped up to plate and changed a showerhead all by myself, teflon tape and all! I even know what that is haha! I also hung some decorations in the bathroom that I have had sitting around since christmas and pictures will follow. I didn't think to take them until I was pretty much finished. It took three tries of tightening and loosening until it did not leak but by golly by the time I was done we had a new showerhead with two heads that works! As you all know Kevin <3's his showers. This is his valentines gift that he had only to enjoy it. This part he got a little early because not only does it help him, but I didn't like the one we had before so it benefitted each of us :) Nonetheless I tackled it and was very proud that I in fact did it and got it to work!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hello Sunshine

Well nothing too exciting has happened since our trip. It was back to work for both of us and lots of laundry LoL :) I had to buckle down and play boss.... I sometime wonder how I am in that position because I feel so bad about it, I'm just too nice LoL so it was against my normal grain but I hosted a meeting and brought everything up that needed to be addressed. Kevin hasn't been killed but in the next week or so he will be starting with his new contract at the big hospital so he will be pretty busy!

I got to spend some time yesterday with Kev's mom at the spa! She had a massage, pedicure, and manicure, I got a facial, pedicure, and manicure. It was fun and totally something different. We then went out to lunch and just hung out as the girls LoL those days are always fun :)

Today is just a lazy productive day (doesn't make sense I know) but I've cleaned up the kitchen and am working on laundry and hunting up new recipese to learn to cook :-D If you hear of a fire in Amarillo you'll know HAHA. Speaking of the buzzer is going off and it's time for me to work on some laundry again. Hope all is well! check out the pictures and comment if you want!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Moving up

Just a quick FYI I moved up in the world and signed us up for a flickr pro account, yes I know you are proud ;) Seeing as how I have sooo many pictures lately and so little space to put them I decided to step up to the plate and sign up lol Now you can expect all kinds of pictures LoL Hope you enjoy!


After our baby Sammie was safely home and rested we headed off for vacation (I was very worried she wouldn't be found before we left) to Vegas! We had so much fun, and saw so much and still feel like we didn't see it all. I ended up taking somewhere around 400 pictures some of them were better than others but you know. Our best friends out here got married there and so we ended up making it a vacation also so that we could enjoy some time away. We saw as much as we could fit and who knows how many miles we walked. We visited a lot of places on the strip though and we are going to go back next year, probably in feb for our anniversary. We are planning to head to new mexico this year I think but that's a whole other story. Here are a couple of pictures, I will upload more to flicker very shortly but seeing as how I have the freebie one I can only upload so many photos at a time so it'll be a long drawn out process but atleast you have stuff to look forward from us! :)

That says Casino Royale (there is a palm tree in case you can't tell :) ) Leave it to kev to get it right down the middle lol. That is where we stayed, but we didn't spend much time there as we were always on the go or sleeping....

Here we are at Cesears Palace.... We were trying to show us and the fountain but you know the whole taking your own picture thing is risky but we love this picture even though you can't really see the fountain.

There are sooo many more I don't even know where to start but soon they will be on flicker so keep an eye out!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sammy's weekend.....

Well sam got out sometime saturday night and spent the night around somewhere too far away to hear us yelling and calling for her. She was in the neighbors yard behind us awhile and two people saw her, but they couldn't catch her.... She musta come there in the morning I guess.... she was soo close yet so far..... She somehow crossed 34th which is like rte 50 or something back east into a church parking lot with a little injury..... An elderly couple were trying to pick her up and she bit the lady.... A younger couple went over to help them and learned that it was not their dog, and the man of that couple also got bit. The younger couple took her home, cleaned her up, dubbed her Molly, fed her all she would eat and comforted her the best they could. First thing this morning they called the humane society to see if anyone had called in about her, she called about 15 minutes after I called and reported her missing..... and she had taken sam to her work and called me and I went to pick her up. She and I were both so happy.... I wrote her a quick thank you note before leaving my office, but don't know what else to do.... She was the nicest lady and she totally understood how I felt and showed me pics of her "babies" I told her we'd keep molly as the middle name ;) and would return the lease she so graciously lent me because I was unable to hold her because of her pain..... and need to think of a way to thank her properly..... Sam and I are going to return the leash when she is feeling a lil bit better so she can be friendly.... Sam hung out at my office for a little bit and Kev brought me lunch and visited with her as well. I took her to the vet's office where she bit the vet.... but he said she has a sprained shoulder and bruised ribs and will be okay but will be hurting the next few days and gave us medication for her.... She is sleeping now soundly under the blanket next to me. She is so sad with her teary eyes and you can look at her and know she is hurting but I'm glad to have her back. Any suggestions on a good thank you for my saving grace as we've been calling her would be appreciated.

Monday, January 14, 2008

*Sigh* She is home

Well I just wrote a whole long post of sam's story of the weekend but it messed up so I will have repeat later since I have to go back to work.... ugh..... but she is safe, a couple injuries, but safe! More later!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Sammy wasn't stolen, but she is still lost and I went everywhere today to find her :( I passed out a whole lot of fliers and some people behind us saw her this am but they lost her and couldn't catch her. Kevin went out twice in the car at different times to today to look for her also with no luck :( We are missing her so much! I am hoping someone calls or takes her to the pound and I can check to see if she is there, we are leaving thursday for vegas so i hope she is back by then.....


So today is a sad day....... this will be a short post b/c I'm so upset and mad and just crying and can't believe people are so mean! Samantha is gone.... like someone came in our backyard and took her..... Kev and I had plans with the guys and the girls respectively b/c our friends are getting married next weekend. I put sammy in our little fence area and closed it and put the latch down. Kevin had taken out the trash earlier and can't remember if he locked the big fence but even so she was locked in the little fence.... He went outside to get her and the big fence gate was wide open and the gate was closed totally different than I do it..... so she is gone... we've looked for her and called for her and being so late their isn't much to do but wait.... I personally want to call the cops and knock on doors and run through the neighborhood but I'm so sad and can't get over why someone would take my sammy :( She is our baby and I'm just sad and mad......

Thursday, January 10, 2008

2 in one week..... I so rock!!!

Okay well actually I do rock haha on Rock Band.... that game is AWESOME :) We have spent way too many hours playing it. Also today I got old school (as in original nintendo) mario for my wii which I so love!!
On to other things we are going to vegas next thursday.... that's officially one week from today! I need to go shopping! LOL It will be very exciting, and of course our friends are getting married (the whole reason we are going) but we turned it into a vacation so we are very excited.
Since I thought you might want to see the ornament we got this year I took a picture for you guys! I know the love.... you feel it right?

More fun pics are of the babies :)

<~~~~ She LOVES the bathtub, until you turn it on HAHA :)

Kevin and I had some pictures taken by our good friend Chris and here is a collage he made for us and soon when I get to it like when i'm not working which is well we'll have to see the rest will make it to flicker LOL

Awww :) and now I say goodnight as it is late!! :)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Go ahead fuss..... we'll wait........

Okay so we aren't very patient we are finished waiting :) Now time for that update you are dying to hear about!! Kevin and I moved which I think I told you a little bit ago. On to the holidays. My parents drove..... yes drove... I'll give you a second to realize just how LOOONNGG of a drive that is...... If only I could get my stepdad to fly it would be alright :) We had christmas with Kevin's family on christmas eve because his dad had to work, and then we went back over for christmas day, my family included :) While my family was here I was unfortunately sick and wasn't a very good host. They did bring scrapple which those of you on the shore know is a wonderful breakfast food, the crazy people here know nothing about it. We did get our friends Chris and Tosha to try it, Chris liked it, Tosha didnt' really want much to do with it. I am soon going to introduce them to old bay french fries haha :) Even though it seemed to take forever to get our tree and shopping done we were ready and even got our annual christmas ornament in time. This years is a little noteworthy as we alternate silly ones and ones with meaning every other year. This was a sad year for both of us losing our grandparents.... me 3 in less than a year and 1 in just over a year, and Kevin's nanna this year as well so we opted for a beautiful gold and glass angel to remind us of them.

As for the new year we rang it at our friends chris and tosha's house. It was a lot of fun, just hanging out with everyone and meeting many new people and just having a good time, minus a little drama but who needs to remember that part?

In a little less than two weeks we are heading out to Vegas for about 5 days for chris and tosha's wedding which we have extended into a vacation for ourselves and we plan to get as much in as possible so we will be very tired when we get home! I will hopefully remember to take pictures since lately I have not done any of that.

Sam and Roxie are adjusting well, Sam is still little and skinny and Roxie is catching up with her quickly and is in love with a red laser light, we have been having a lot of fun with that.

As for anything else real exciting kev's mom and i are going to be pampered later this month after i get back from vegas with a few hours at the spa and lunch thanks to kev's dad, and maybe we'll get a makeover or just window shop for a while to make it a day.... we all need a day to kick back and relax we can't wait! it will be so much fun.

As for Kevin well no spa for him but we all know a good play off game and the super bowl will be keeping him happy for a bit. :) He FINALLY got a second guy in Amarillo so he won't have as much call so to him I think that is "spa treatment"

So I hope I have filled you curiousity on our adventures in life and will post again soon, sooner than last time..... life has just been crazy lately!!!