Monday, January 19, 2009

NBA here I come

I have finished my trifecta of watching live professional sports. Meaning I've been to a NFL game, MLB game and as of last night a NBA game. Shelly and I had talked earlier this year about the possibility of me going to an Oklahoma City Thunder Game. She ended up getting me tickets for last night's game. They played the Miami Heat. It really was a good game despite the fact that the Thunder are one of the worst teams in the NBA. I think I might turn into a Thunder fan or at least keep closer tabs on them they do have a few players that I like. I might as well jump on the bandwagon when their bad so no one can question me when their good. All in and all it was a great night but a long drive home. Least I have the day off to recover from the lack of sleep.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Read any good books lately?

Not that I would have the time to read it, as you can see below, I got a box of books today. Not a bag... a box!

So you can't really see how deep the box is in that picture (sorry) lol So let me show the contents:
Okay so that's 9 books, 3 patches, 2 class syllabi, and 1 medication kit. Am I really only taking two classes this semester?!

While I did get a few books over christmas break, mostly the twilight series and a few magazines LoL, I will be dutifully reading Medical - Surgical nursing and Pharmacology and well you get the point. Not to mention weekly care plans and whatever else they throw at me.

I am just a tad overwhelmed over here.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A few highlights from the trip...

First things first, before the trip Kev and I exchanged Christmas presents. Okay so we went together and bought them lol. We gave each other an Ipod touch which we are both really enjoying having. While I was away Kevin put all of the music we already had on itunes and then got a few more things with a couple of itunes cards he got for christmas this year. I was really glad to have mine when I was flying and the guy sitting next to me would not shut up about how cold it was in Dallas... which okay I understand since we are from the same state and I know I expected Texas to be hot year round too, but for two and a half hours? Really?

While in Maryland I did all of my christmas shopping so I wouldn't have to lug it in my suitcase, they charge for those these days! Then my family hosted the annual family christmas party! I did so much cooking and baking it wasn't funny. It was a blast though. I got to see a lot of my family that I haven't seen in years! It went well, and most everyone was able to make it out. After the party it was time to get ready for christmas! We finally got everything finished late on christmas eve and so we all slept in a little on christmas day, even my nephew who is three. He had a great day! and he loves the camera, to be behind it that is!

On Christmas day I headed to Pocomoke to see my dad where I met his new girlfriend and visited with 2 of my brothers and my sister. It was fun, somehow I ended up with zero pictures from that night. I know I know!! The next day I went to see my "stepmom" (see she really isn't anymore but after 20 years of it being that way, we are just keeping it lol) and her baby Lil' Tony who I had never met before! Of course Kya, my niece as well. Diana posed, Lil' Tony (love those eyes!) just stared, and Kya was very resistant about having her picture taken but I tried anyways!!

After lots of family visiting it was time to visit with some friends! We hung out, went shopping, went out for a drink, even made an old school 2am visit to walmart. It was a good time! Another night I headed up to Easton to have dinner with Kev's Uncle Dennis and Aunt Kitty at Ledo's, a pizza place where their youngest son works. It seemed like Kitty and could talk forever about everything that has been going on! We stayed until they closed and a few minutes after anyways. Kev's uncle took a great picture of us all though.

On my last day in town, I headed over to Ocean City with my dad to take pictures of the sunrise!

While I was off visiting the Eastern Shore Kev was thoroughly entertained by our friends Chris and Tosha:

Okay Okay so maybe that was more than a few but you know lol :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A new year surprise!

Kevin has been talking a lot over the last couple of months about going to see an NBA game. I just always say, yeah okay. I really have *no* desire to go whatsoever. I was secretly plotting to send him to see one. I talked him friend and we picked out a decent game. The Oklahoma Thunder vs Miami Heat. I know you've probably never heard of the Oklahoma team, they are new and they are not very good. At the time I looked up tickets they had won 2 of 20 some games. Once I knew I could get the tickets I called the other service tech and had him take Kev's call on the day of the game. I also called his friend who talked to his boss and got him off on the 19th. I had the tickets mailed to our friends house and went on my trip. Once I came back, which was new years eve it was time to tell him. I couldn't hold it in any longer lol.

At midnight I told Kev my new years resolution was to send him to an NBA game. He was like yeah I know. I added on Jan 18th. As you can imagine he is thrilled. Once I gave him all of the details he was super excited.

Happy new year everyone, enjoy those black eyed peas today! LoL