Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Today part II

Today I spent plenty of time at the doctors office, no not the one I work at, the endo's office. His name is Dr. Brantley and if it's been more than one month since he has seen you, or in my case a new patient you get blood work and a UA so that was my first stop in the office. Then he came in the room, and answered any and all questions I had. Today I learned....
1. I for sure have a crapped out thyroid
2. I for sure have Metabolic X syndrome
3. I have to take more medicine
4. I am going to see the dietician in exactly one month unless things are 'weird' with bloodwork
5. The aforementioned medicine will help pretty much everything above
6. I have to check my sugar often (NO I'm not diabetic)\
7. I will find out if my thyroid replacement is doing it's job very soon, and learned it may be temporary *keeping my fingers crossed*
8. I am weird as my lab result numbers confuse the doctor as to if I'm getting better or worse....
9. I have to go back in 2 months to see how everything is going
10. That means I have to have more labs drawn then

So today I still didn't learn everything but it's a step and gives me a better idea of what is going on.

In other news:
There was another field fire (did I tell you about the first? I dunno) but anyways this time 2 homeless guys started a fire (with very very windy conditions) in a field to cook their lunch... their 'campfire' grew pretty big. crazy i tell ya.

Tomorrow I will post a picture of what I found on my desk today before and after my dr appt. Yes I remember I am supposed to post a pic of my new glasses but I left em at chris and tosha's house oops...

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