Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Catching up

So yes I know, it's been a long time but you know life happens. That or I have been working a lot more lately and school is winding down so there is a lot of finishing up it seems for my classes. I still have 4 big tests, a 6 or 7 minute speech, a simulation lab and one big final. Today I finished my last return demonstration and finished my last nursing lecture this week.

I got all of the results from my hypogammaglobulinemia mystery and I do NOT have it! Talk about exciting! Looks like allergy shots are in my future, right now though I'm trying to put it off a little bit (I know I know I'm healthy now so I'm trying to put it off, I'll feel differently when I'm sick) Basically what Dr. M (the second opinion) said that being sick all of those times wore down my immune system making it harder for me to get over it, and once I did my numbers went back up. Apparently Dr. S (the first guy) didn't do near enough tests. Luckily he was wrong and I don't have to $1000/month treatments!!

Kevin and I are looking forward to Thanksgiving. We are going to two dinners. His family is having Thanksgiving on Saturday so we were thinking about having our own little one but we were invited to our friends Chris and Tosha's family thanksgiving so we are going to head over there. It is the last big holiday we are going to be together for this year. I know... I know.. I have to be all going home for Christmas. I am really going to miss Kevin but I am soo excited about going home for my big family Christmas. It's going to be hectic so if anyone wants some time you better let me know lol.

Kevin and I went to the lake this past weekend, and while it is ENTIRELY too cold to go to the actual lake but to hang out at the lake house and relax is awesome. I did take some homework but you know, it was still a great time for us to just get out of the house and spend the weekend together. We took sam with us for the weekend and she was well to say the least... depressed like she missed Roxy or something it was kinda sad but she got lots of lovin' for it LoL.

I think that is enough for now. Time for some sleep!

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