Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hello moon

Moon.... because well Kevin has been seeing it a lot lately. The new contract for his company with UHS (the huge hospital system nationwide that just hired hill-rom), our local is NWTHS (the one I USED to work at) has been running him ragged. All of his beds are out and they are still wanting more!! Of course his helper is out of town this week for training and he's busting his butt off!

Did you notice the used to? I got "terminated" from NWTHS b/c they didn't call me.... go figure... of course though it is considered that I gave my two weeks and when I asked if for some reason I wanted to come back if I could... they were like uh in a minute, do you want to start next week!? I was like uh no I was just asking :)

Otherwise we are just working and rearranging some of the rooms as things are working the way we originally planned and I am making one room an office, and exercise room, and the middle room is the guest room. This will be of course until a baby comes, and NO there is not one coming so don't even start with me!

and for fun.....

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