Saturday, July 12, 2008

Babies, Babies everywhere

Seems like everyone has a little one on the way these days. Adam and Megan were the first ones. Our friends Chris and Tosha who just got married in Feb. literally found out Tuesday night they were expecting. Were both happy and excited for both as they go on this new found adventure. I think its a little jealousy as well not in a bad way by any means but jealousy none the less. Is that wrong??? I don't think so, I think God or whoever or whatever runs the universe is just making us wait for that right time. But I know I keep thinking it may never happen as we have a timeline with Shelly's valve possibly needing to be replaced within the next 5-6 yrs. I know what some people are thinking "hey that's a long time" it is a long time. We haven't been trying by any means but we haven't been preventing either. I thought we would have had one by now to be completely honest. But that's all right because we have already talked and if for whatever reason we aren't able to have kids or don't get it done before her next valve replacement we have already decided to adopt. And tell you the truth I think I wanna do that even if we do have a couple of kids. Just looking from the crap that Shelly tells me about her second job. There is alot of kids who really need good homes and good families to grow into. Anyways, update on my minor surgery. So I had my EGD on Wednesday and everything went very well they didn't even poke a hole in my stomach like they said could happen when I signed the waiver sorry if we do it but you can't sue cause we told you it could happen. I think after I got my sleepy time shot I do remember telling the doc to be gentle on me cause I was fragile. Funny right? Oh I also think I had a dream that I woke up in the middle of the procedure. Talking to my father he said I may have woke up because you really don't dream win your under. So that's a question I definitely want to ask but I have to make it clear that I don't care if did happen, I just think its funny. Cause I know that the doc is going to deny cause he doesn't wanna get sued or whatever. All my blood test have come clean I have no problems period. The one thing that they did find on the EGD was that I have a hernia but its not a bad one its actually a common hernia that alot of people have. The side effects of having this type of hernia is that you usually have acid reflux bad in my case its pretty common to have acid reflux. They did do a biopsy on a part of my stomach that was inflamed so well see how that turns out. I should go the wifey is about to be home soon and I still have a little bit of laundry to finish up.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kev. . . go get that laundry done!

Glad, very, very, glad to hear that you are ok except for the hernia. I had a hernia too, found by accident when they took out my gallbladder. Doc said I got 2-fer (he fixed the hernia at the same time). . . So it is terrific that is all they found, but you can *never* let symptoms like that go un-tended. Always, always get them checked out, hmm K?

Maybe you are sweating having a baby enough that you are inhibiting the process. . . . so to speak. I had a friend tried for like 10 years. Artificial processes and tens of thousands of dollars later she gave up. 6 months later she was pregnant. Just chill :)

Besides. Shelly already has YOU to take care of. Maybe that's enough :-P (just kidding)

Adopting is wonderful. Can never say anything wrong about that. Too many kids in need these days.