Monday, July 27, 2009


So today we are 6 weeks along. yes I know, you've heard that before. After our sono they found out my dates were a lil different than originally thought and so we were a little behind.

We were hoping to see more than we did but because the baby was only 5w3d it was too early to see much of anything which was a lil disappointing but so far we know that the baby is in a good spot, and not in the tubes or anything like that (YAY) OH and we know that there is only one bellybean in there :)

Yes we've dubbed the baby "bellybean" b/c it's cute and well the size of a bean and in the belly lol :)

So in the meantime know bellybean is doing well and is predicted to make a debut around March 22, 2010!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Scratch That...

Well after some discussion, and talking with friends, and someone changing their mind Shim is out. We are still in debate as to what is in... Hopefully by Thursday evening/friday we'll have something new...

Anyways we are looking forward to our sono on Thursday but it's late in the afternoon so it'll be late before we have much to say but def. can feel the excitement at our house.

In non-baby news (what's that?... j/k!) Kev had his last class today! He takes his final on Monday, and then he can take his National Registry and hopefully find a job. Even though he gave up a good job to go to school and possibly start out lower than he was making I am happy that he has found something he enjoys and is happy with it. Our marriage, friendship, life, and child are much better off for it. I am so proud of him, that was a big step for him.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Shim (a mix between she and him) is a name that a friend and I made up in high school for our boss who was pregnant. I've always thought it was funny and unique, and that somewhere down the road I would use it. Well that time is upon us, and until we know if we are having a little boy or a little girl, our lil one will be called Shim. (Way better than it, don't you think?)

Now of course there is a small chance that there are twins hanging out in there. My gut says no, but that's also what is said about being prego so you never know. If there are twins they will be dubbed Thing 1 and Thing 2 of the Dr. Suess. variety. We can thank Kevin for that :)

Of course by now you have figured out that we are having a baby! Probably in the middle of March. We find out the offical due date Thursday afternoon. YAY :) We are so excited. I am still a little nervous about everything being okay and what not. Thursday will put most of my fears at rest though.

In the meantime all we can think is OMG! We are having a BABY!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

First Clinical run

Ok so its no surprise to any by now that I'm taking EMT classes and that I am now in clinicals. Last night was my first night and it was at the trauma hospital. The first few hrs was boring to say the least the patients were discharged within those 3 hrs. very slow night I thought. Of course I didn't want to ask any questions if they were always this slow as to not jinx the nurses cause they really hate it when you do ask. About 12-1 it really started to pick up. I had a 62yr. old complaining of chest pain. Her heart rate was irregular and blood pressure was unstable. It started two days ago and normal treatment was ineffective found out that basically she was having heart attacks for the last two days and was currently having small heart attacks. She wasn't loosing conscious or anything like that just kind of cool for me bad for her. The next patient that I helped with had asthmatic symptoms which was cool cause I can treat that on the truck so I got to help with that. Then all hell literally broke loose for a trauma hospital. The call initially was a male shot in right leg by drive by. Then it was a code 99 call which I found out means the patient had coded and cpr was in progress. The gentleman had a shotgun wound to the left leg and ripped through the bone and femoral artery not good at all. He had basically lost enough blood to make his blood pressure drop cause there was no blood. Had he been maybe five minutes longer on the scene. He would have no died no question. Anyways I got to see the entrance and exit of a major gunshot wound. I did do chest compressions as everybody stepped in to keep his blood pressure up and help keep pressure to the wound. All in all it was a cool night I only felt sick once and I think its because I really hate hearing and seeing people throw up but I will get used to it so I'm not that concerned. I dealt with blood in a high tense situation. Oh and by the way the guy did live they had to actually cut off the leg. I had other cases but I won't bore you with them. They were mostly skill cases for myself to help me learn. Take care.

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th weekend

This weekend Kev and I headed to the lake to get away and celebrate the 4th... kinda. I had off from work on Friday for the holiday and so we left Thursday night. We had an enjoyable day Friday getting things set up and grocery shopping etc. Kev grilled some BBQ chicken that turned out awesome, while I made the sides.

On Saturday we drove to a small town Canadian to check out their advertised 4th of July festivities. Oops not all advertised was there and we couldn't find much of anything. But it was a nice drive and I did get to see new places I had never seen. Oh and fireman water polo was kinda cool. We ended up driving to another town Pampa and got some lunch and just meandered around and then headed back to the lake. We figured we would hit the rodeo/fireworks in town there later that evening. That did not happen because there was a huge thunderstorm! So needless to say our fireworks were lightening.

Sunday we got up and relaxed and then packed up and headed home to start the week. It was overall a good weekend, not your typical 4th by any means but we got to spend some time together and get out of town so it was perfect.

Hope you had a good 4th as well!