Monday, September 15, 2008


Well as you all are well aware of the season is in full swing. We of course have watched as many games as one household can watch. Of course it's Kevin screaming at the tv and me like yeah okay they can't hear you fool! LoL Speaking of football, we are both playing in two fantasy leagues. So far I'm 0 & 3, and Kev is 1 & 2. Not really going to well which I guess for some of you is great that Kev isn't doing too hot since he's a threat to most, but so far he has only beaten me.

We are watching the Cowboys/Eagles game at the moment. Our friend that is over is a "new" fan of the Eagles and everyone else here is about the cowboys, so as you can imagine it's been quite humorous here.

I might add the final score was 41 to 37 cowboys


Anonymous said...

i dont get espn, so cant watch mnf. there is no justice in this world.

i have NO sympathy for Kev in FFL, sorry. I'm 0-2 myself. handicapped in the draft, then brady went down. its gonna be a long season.

i DID, however attend in person the Saints-Skins game on sunday, and that was friggin awesome! check out flickr for my pics!

aunt kitty

Shelly said...

A live game! Jealous! I would rather spend a game there than in my living room :)

We get ESPN for free, they are still working out the kinks for the new digital thing starting in feb. so for now anyways we have quite a few channels.

I have no sympathy for him either, I just thought it was funny that he has only beaten me hehe :)