Sunday, June 22, 2008


Things on my end have been SUPER crazy. Today was a great day though. I so love playing with the kids at my work. Today we had some issues and they'd been bad lately. Regardless we brought water balloons to work and had them do a balloon toss, a couple of relay races and a water balloon fight. It was sooo much fun. I love summer as it is and these kids are totally making this summer a lot more enjoyable. I plan to talk Kev into some backyard goofiness with water guns and balloons. Speaking of Kev he is headed to the doctor since I didn't even know all of the stuff that had gone on until midnight last night when I checked the blog.

In our free time (wait, that should be moments) we are trying to finalize some plans for the east coast so expect some communication from us in the near future.

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kathryn said...

Hey Shelly!! Yeah, kids let you be a kid again in summer. . . its great!!

p.s. go get him (Kev!). Keep on him til its taken care of.

I think he's your biggest kid.