Thursday, January 10, 2008

2 in one week..... I so rock!!!

Okay well actually I do rock haha on Rock Band.... that game is AWESOME :) We have spent way too many hours playing it. Also today I got old school (as in original nintendo) mario for my wii which I so love!!
On to other things we are going to vegas next thursday.... that's officially one week from today! I need to go shopping! LOL It will be very exciting, and of course our friends are getting married (the whole reason we are going) but we turned it into a vacation so we are very excited.
Since I thought you might want to see the ornament we got this year I took a picture for you guys! I know the love.... you feel it right?

More fun pics are of the babies :)

<~~~~ She LOVES the bathtub, until you turn it on HAHA :)

Kevin and I had some pictures taken by our good friend Chris and here is a collage he made for us and soon when I get to it like when i'm not working which is well we'll have to see the rest will make it to flicker LOL

Awww :) and now I say goodnight as it is late!! :)


Aunt Kitty said...

YAY! 2 Posts!!

Love the collage. :)

Have fun in Vegas. . .we did! Be sure to see all the FREE shows that the hotels put on. Almost all have some type of "attraction". One of the best was a mini show (about 25 min long!) at Treasure Island, with 2 ships, scantily clad sirens and pirates, it was just awesome!

Kevin and Shelly said...

We can't wait, we are so excited and are staying right in the middle of the strip next to the venetian and I think we are going to rent a car one day and head over to the dam and the canyon and we've been researching everything!!

The rest of our pictures should be up on flicker soon, we've both been working so much lately it's crazy!!