Friday, August 15, 2008

More about vacation

As our vacation progressed things went alright. We enjoyed the boardwalk, putzed around Salisbury, and just hung out. We did head up to Philly for a short trip to see Adam and Megan. They thoroughly enjoyed the gift of a Cowboys shirt for their Nublet to wear :-D Okay okay so maybe not but we all got a kick out of it, considering they are Eagles fans so Kev and Adam were negotiating when Nublet could wear it.

Our trip home was interesting, we arrived super early as always when I am paranoid about not having directions to the rental car return (which turned out to be super easy, I got lost last time), traffic and other unexpected problems. So we checked in our luggage and went to get some early dinner and wait for our flight. We board on time and are leaving, and all of a sudden we stop on the runway, and sit there. Apparently there were storms in our route and no planes could fly... so an hour and a half later we FINALLY took off. We worried about making our connecting flight... We landed in Dallas about 15 minutes before our connection was scheduled to take off. As luck would have it we were at the BACK of the plane and were almost the last people off. We were nearly running through the airport. As we approached our gate, it was dim, the ticket agent was gathering his things and walking away, luckily towards us. He asked if we were going to Amarillo and we are like YES! and so he calls them and lets us get on where we have to sit in the front row like when you are in trouble on the school bus.

While the guy was preparing a paper, and glancing over a tickets, I inquired if our luggage would make it. He said oh the luggage usually makes it way before the passengers. I was like okay, fairly confident that my luggage would arrive with me in Amarillo. We land in Amarillo an hour later and watch the luggage go round and round, none of them belonging to us... We kept waiting and waiting, finally overhead we hear "This is all of the luggage from the American flight, if yours is not here come to the office" UGH! We go stand in line behind two other people and have to give our information and they look up our luggage which I guess did NOT make it to the plane as fast as we (the passengers) did. Must be because the luggage can't run like we can! LoL Thursday they delivered the luggage to Kevin at his work. When I got off from my second job I was looking for the luggage and Kev says oh oops I forgot it... So I didn't have my stuff for another night, oh well. Everything (Kev, the luggage, and me) all made it back to Amarillo safely and back to work we went, both working sixteen hours our first day back.

PS: I am officially a Nursing student, paid tuition and all!

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