Thursday, December 23, 2010

Festivus :)

So as Christmas is nearing and our shopping is not finished we realized we made but never actually ordered our Christmas cards. Dorks right here LoL. So instead I think we will be sending out New years cards and will resume our movie based cards next year, because I can't actually think of a New years movie to base our card on this year.

So Kevin and I have decided to head to the lake on Christmas day after family dinner to spend some time just hanging out and relaxing esp after all of the hustle and bustle of the last few weeks. I plan to spend some time unwinding, pampering myself and of course studying for my NCLEX, because it's Jan. 7!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

give or take 106 days later...

Yeah yeah, I don't wanna hear it :) Just putting that up front LoL

So this past 10 days or so have been super busy, and very exciting! I graduated from nursing school, with honors! My pinning was great, I had to speak but pulled it off alright, and then my graduation was 2 days later. I spent time with family and friends and loved every minute of it.

Okay enough about me, well almost, because I almost forgot to tell you I will be starting work as a nurse on Thursday this week! I'm nervously excited.

Kevin finished his first semester back to school and ended up with B's in both of his classes. Yay :) He has been working as a photographer and is going to be focusing mostly on school, which is about to become very busy for him.

So things are moving along here in Amarillo :) How are things moving along in your part of the world?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


106 days until Kevin finishes his first semester back to school! He started his math and english classes this week and so far so good. He is glad to be back in school and working towards a goal, I for one am a very proud wifey.

106 days until I am pinned by Kev's Aunt Judy, no not a wrestling match! I will be attending my nursing school pinning which means I will be finished, and graduating nursing school. Then it's on to boards and I'll be RN in 2010 (well maybe 11, depending when my boards are scheduled) I am very proud, and so happy to be almost done even though this semester is going to be busy busy busy, and hey I'm already practicing the art of procrastination :) Although I did finish my homework I have another project to get started but after 8 hours in class, my eyelids are pretty heavy!!

106 days until I get to see my family (give or take a couple of days) and I'm so excited that they will be here for my pinning! (by they, I may only mean 1 person but not sure yet).

Things are definitely moving forward in our household whoo hoo!! :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Spontaneity and a water pump...

This past weekend Kev and I headed to Dallas, it was something we had talked just briefly about the weekend before and decided last minute to just do it. We got in the car and drove 6 hours to Arlington. We ended up staying across the street from the new Cowboys stadium, so you know Kev enjoyed that! It also happened to be pretty close to the Rangers stadium who happen to be in town and playing the O's! We were both excited to see the game (for 2 different reasons though!). Of course if you follow baseball at all you know the O's have been uh... not performing to the best of their ability lately and so I was happy to see them win the game, not only that night but all 4 games they played against the rangers.

On Sunday we drove around to several different areas of Arlington and Dallas to check out some places we'd never been to before. We found several parks, a couple of malls and a Korean area that worried us just a little. We spent quite a bit of time at the malls, they have ice rinks in there... our next trip to Dallas we are so going ice skating! We window shopped and looked in stores we'd never seen or heard of before. Enjoyed lunch at 5 guys, a burger joint highly raved about from Kev's Aunt Kitty and my Dad. We then headed to a movie theater studio movie grill ( ) check it out! We were able to sit in the theater, in big comfy office type chairs and enjoy some dinner while watching our movie. Kev was in his happy place for sure!

Monday we slept in and headed home. It was a smooth, fun trip.

An hour or two after we get home we head out for some dinner and Wahoo with friends... well on the way my car starts running HOT, and the antifreeze light comes on... uh oh... so we turn around to take the car back to the house. Tuesday afternoon my friend's hubby comes over to take a look... I need a new waterpump... It was crazy because it was fine the whole trip, and was very sudden and almost stalled out at a light. So today my car got a ride to the shop on a tow truck.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

6 Months

In 6 Months myself and my significant other will be traveling in the unknown. Shelly will be graduating by December off to brave the new world of working as a nurse. My hat is off to my wife. She has a practically guaranteed job right out of school, so no worrys there. I sometimes find myself thinking about everything we have had to deal with to get to this point and think "Good God how did we do it and why did we wait so long". I know she is anticipating it more than I am. With the close of one chapter in our lives another one will open. I will be going to school as she ends to be a Paramedic. I've finally found something that I truly enjoy in life and am going to take my life in my hands. Its not going to be that simple the next couple of months. We have many thoughts and plans going through well at least my mind on how we should go about things. If we should move or if we should stay. We know of a couple of things we are definetly going away on a trip when she graduates. Puerto Rico is a destination I think we have settled on. It looks like alot of fun and should be nice that time of year. Its funny I never really thought of being a Medic or anything gory or what have you. If you know me you know that I can't really stand throw up nor can I stand people defecating (pooping) on themselves. But I have handled that stuff pretty well and then some. Now I'm hooked not the adrenaline which most people would be but on being the best. I know I'm smart book and street. I like being the best at everything and someday I'm going to be the better medics I can feel it. I'm sure the wifey and me will have plenty of debates on how to treat patients and what I should and shouldn't have done in her eyes but I look forward to those days the playful banter that is going to ensue. Especially since I'll have a greater knowledge base on human life. Thats enough blubbering for now.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The wind began to pitch...

So the storm season has started and is in full swing. There are thunderstorms, hail storms, high winds, and my least favorite of all tornadoes!!

They have been popping up around here, none have hit on our side of Amarillo.. yet but you never know!!

Since moving to Texas I have developed an irrational fear of the storms here and tornadoes. Why? I have no clue, but I do know they are worse than anything I encountered back east, and well tornadoes just pop up and have a mind of their own. Not like a hurricane that you can plan for.

In my world when this happens....

I think this...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Always on the go!

Lately we are always on the go. Between work and school though we have managed to get away a little. At the end of Feburary we drove to Albuqurque for a 2 night stay for our anniversary. We got a room with a fireplace, had dinner planned out and even had dessert and champagne delivered to our room Saturday night. On Sunday we headed to the Aquarium and the Zoo. It was a good time. Once we found it we bought tickets and headed on in. We then headed up sandia peak, a large tramway that takes you to the top of a mountain. On one side it's trees, cliffs, and a pretty rocky terrain. Imagine our thoughts when people we taking their skis and snowboards up!! Well once we got up there we learned the otherside of the mountain was full of snow, and ski lifts. It was cold and there was plenty of snow! We walked around the top of the mountain, stopped in the restuarant for an appetizer and a couple of beers, which I might add costs more than dinner... :) Once we left there we grabbed some dinners and crashed at the hotel. On Monday morning we were headed home, but not before a quick stop off at a big mall on our way out of town. (Kevin really enjoyed that trip to the mall!!).

For spring break we made a quick trip back east. It was a whirlwind for sure! We were so busy it wasn't even funny. We were however able to enjoy some seafood (you know that didn't come from red lobster), enjoy some laid back nights with our friends. During the days we visited family, my mom, my stepmom, sister, lil Tony (who I just count as a brother), my stepdad, my cousin and her boyfriend, other aunts, and cousins. Don't worry though we included some of Kev's family too!! We were able to have lunch with his uncle that he hasn't seen in a couple of years! We then headed up the day before we left to ride with his Aunt Kitty and his cousins to see his Grandparents and for some famous spaghetti from Grandma! It was a good visit, as it had been quite some time since we had seen them as well! Kevin was hit with allergies pretty bad, and had a rough trip home! It took a little bit for him to get over it but is finally feeling better!

These days though we are back to work and school. Kevin is working from Tuesdays to Saturday mornings, I'm in school 3-4 days a week and working 1-2 days a week. Sure makes a busy schedule! We are keeping our fingers crossed that Kev's interview on Monday is a success so that he'll be working in town again! So well now know why we haven't posted! Life is busy busy busy.