Saturday, February 2, 2008

yes i cheated, if you don't know how, don't worry bout it :)

Today kev and I got a new tv for the bedroom. I have to add that it is not my bright idea for such a thing, seeing as how I would be perfectly content with not having a tv in there period. While going from place to place to find one we liked and with a decent price Kev got called to work and I got dubbed the tv finder. I finally found a decent one that I think will be good at walmart, as we didn't have much luck at best buy or sam's. As for the exciting part we got a new microwave! go us! We have been using the same one that I've had before I was with Kevin and I can't for the life of me remember if I got it new at 18 or if it was a hand me down. This 0ne is bigger and hopefully won't Power off on its own after 3 seconds of cooking.... and the last time we used the old one it was smoking and smelled so we decided not to use it after that. We ALSO ended up getting a new bluray player since it was on sale for a good price at best buy.Kevin is unfortunately still at work since he was called out while we were shopping, and has to had make a circle and some backtracking and places I don't really know where they were are, just an idea of how far away they are. Hopefully he'll be home in an hour or an hour and a half....Otherwise things are good, My staff is doing well and things seem to be running pretty smoothly at the office. On monday we are getting an "audit" "recredentialing" from BCBS and had to get some stuff at the office done today. Kev's dad came and switched a doorknob and fixed my desk. Dr. B got a hold of him and had him check out a few other things.... I was like Dr B he is just here to do me a favor!! Luckily I put a stop to that before it got even worse.Things are moving and grooving with kevins work he is soo busy!!


aunt kitty said...

You GO Girl! By the time Kev gets home, its a done deal! One for him, one for you. Sounds fair to me :)

We just got a sleep number bed, and its awesome. Getting new things is always fun!

Glad to hear all is well in the southwest.

Its too friggin cold here, and I am longing for warmer weather. Summer just can't come fast enough, nor stay long enough.


Kevin and Shelly said...

The weather here is warming up pretty good, today is actually much warmer than usual. Of course I'm not a hot kinda girl so bleh but oh well :) The tv I picked out for Kev just barely and I do mean barely fit in our amoire but it looks good!