Friday, August 31, 2007

We're back!

Well some of you knew our old link, some of you didn't, some of you know how bad we've been about updating it :) So bad in fact we forgot our login name, go figure :) As many of you know things are going pretty good for us at the moment. We are living in Amarillo, TX. Which from my standpoint is different from anything I've ever known but I like it so it's okay :) We are both enjoying our jobs and are making big plans for the future. We are both staring at school again and are very excited about it. I will leave you with just that much information for now, since it's my day off and the time has come to get dressed and all that fun stuff for a day out with my friend Tosha :) Hope all is well and we'll post more soon, I promise. (famous last words I know I know but hey atleast it's effort right?)