Saturday, January 5, 2008

Go ahead fuss..... we'll wait........

Okay so we aren't very patient we are finished waiting :) Now time for that update you are dying to hear about!! Kevin and I moved which I think I told you a little bit ago. On to the holidays. My parents drove..... yes drove... I'll give you a second to realize just how LOOONNGG of a drive that is...... If only I could get my stepdad to fly it would be alright :) We had christmas with Kevin's family on christmas eve because his dad had to work, and then we went back over for christmas day, my family included :) While my family was here I was unfortunately sick and wasn't a very good host. They did bring scrapple which those of you on the shore know is a wonderful breakfast food, the crazy people here know nothing about it. We did get our friends Chris and Tosha to try it, Chris liked it, Tosha didnt' really want much to do with it. I am soon going to introduce them to old bay french fries haha :) Even though it seemed to take forever to get our tree and shopping done we were ready and even got our annual christmas ornament in time. This years is a little noteworthy as we alternate silly ones and ones with meaning every other year. This was a sad year for both of us losing our grandparents.... me 3 in less than a year and 1 in just over a year, and Kevin's nanna this year as well so we opted for a beautiful gold and glass angel to remind us of them.

As for the new year we rang it at our friends chris and tosha's house. It was a lot of fun, just hanging out with everyone and meeting many new people and just having a good time, minus a little drama but who needs to remember that part?

In a little less than two weeks we are heading out to Vegas for about 5 days for chris and tosha's wedding which we have extended into a vacation for ourselves and we plan to get as much in as possible so we will be very tired when we get home! I will hopefully remember to take pictures since lately I have not done any of that.

Sam and Roxie are adjusting well, Sam is still little and skinny and Roxie is catching up with her quickly and is in love with a red laser light, we have been having a lot of fun with that.

As for anything else real exciting kev's mom and i are going to be pampered later this month after i get back from vegas with a few hours at the spa and lunch thanks to kev's dad, and maybe we'll get a makeover or just window shop for a while to make it a day.... we all need a day to kick back and relax we can't wait! it will be so much fun.

As for Kevin well no spa for him but we all know a good play off game and the super bowl will be keeping him happy for a bit. :) He FINALLY got a second guy in Amarillo so he won't have as much call so to him I think that is "spa treatment"

So I hope I have filled you curiousity on our adventures in life and will post again soon, sooner than last time..... life has just been crazy lately!!!


Aunt Kitty said...

Everything sounds very exciting! I'm glad to hear you are settling in your new home and had time to enjoy the holidays, despite the family losses. :(

Its about time you posted!!! Shame on you for leaving us out here so long without n'ery as much as a "Hey!" Just because you moved West, does NOT mean you can ignore us :oP

MMMMMmmmmmmmmmm Old Bay Fries! They Rock!


Shelly said...

they are my favorite :) and My new years resolution is to post more and comment to you and adam instead of being a silent lurker so I'm trying I'm trying! I took some pics today of the cat and the angel ornament and I'm going to take some at my office so you can where I go everyday all day lol :) and a few of the house that we've painted, I will load a few in the next couple of days and my goal is to post 2 times before our trip lol :)

-HUGS right back at ya-