Tuesday, February 24, 2009

KC, couch potato, and clinicals

Last week Kevin spent the week in Kansas City working. He worked a lot, and got to see a new place or two. In the meantime I went to pick up the car he had picked out for me. I was cautiously excited. It is going to be okay, but does need a little bit of work done. Kev's work is right next to a mechanic and they are going to take a look and we'll go from there.

Over the last month or so Kev, our friend Chris, and I have been following a running routine called couch potato to 5k. It's a 9 week program to go from not running to running three miles on a regular basis. We are currently on week 3. The first day is always the hardest but by the end of the week we are ready to move on. I am loving it. It took a little convincing to find someone to do it with me and once Chris agreed Kev was on board as well. I find that I always feel better after the run, even if I was in a HORRIBLE mood before starting. I haven't run like this since before my surgery, when I was running on an almost daily basis. I really enjoy it and am glad that I finally decided to get back into it. I can't wait until we get to week 10 and we'll be able to run 3 miles regularly.

Next thursday is my first day of clinicals!! I am super nervous and hope things go well! I finally have all of my uniform ready and am getting my patches sewn on today so here goes nothing! :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

a lil bit of everything...

School has started and is in full swing already!! I have already had my first lab check off and test! EEKS I spent a LOT of time studying this weekend and it sure payed off, my first nursing school A! I got a 94. In a couple of weeks I will have a test in my other class and I am hoping for an A, but that class is much more technical and so it will take a lot of work. I am feeling up to it. There is reward, not only personal, to getting an A... if you manage an A at the end of the semester the final doesn't hurt you at all, you still get your A even if you bomb the final! SO let's just hope lol.

Wii fit :) I am not sure if I told you that I got one, and totally love it. In addition to that I have started running again. By again I mean I have not run since before my surgery, when it was getting harder and harder the worse I got. I am really getting into and liking it again. Kev is not sure if he is going to run, but he did go a long today, and kinda did his own running. :) My friend Chris is going as well, his wifey can't go because well she will be having a baby next month and so yeah :) We are following a program from couch potato to 5k, and our goal is in 2 to 3 months we will be able to run the whole 3 miles. We'll see how it goes. As for now I am happy to have completed 2 days of week 1. :)

In the meantime Kev is working working working and we are trying to save/get ready for him to start school in the next year or so to become a firefighter, his life long dream! Life is busy and we are doing what we can. We can't believe how time flies!