Monday, July 7, 2008

Movie Night(s)?

It is fairly common knowledge that Kev and I are like working on owning our own video store in our living room. (well to those that read this blog, all 3 of you?) We have decided on a huge undertaking.... rewatching them all!! :) We have been going for a couple of days now and wow we have a LONG way to go. Almost defeats the purpose of cable for a few months lol. We have decided to each VETO one movie out of all of them :) Kev used his within the first few movies MUAHAHAHA. It has been fun and I'm sure we will find new favorites all over again. So in case you were wondering we are being totally boring and drama free and watching movies :-D Oh yeah I still work both jobs so with just that free time is hard. Less than a month and we'll be on vacation!! I can't wait!!

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