Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kev promised this post.... instead he went to the lake....

So this is a post that Kev was supposed to write oh I don't know a day or two ago. You see I was going to update and he was like no no I want to do it.... So I agreed... Well guess who is spending a long weekend at the lake totally unplugged and relaxing. *Jealous* can ya tell?

Life is good. Kevin is starting school this summer, quitting smoking, and changing jobs, that is a lot of change/stress at one time. His mind should be racing with things to come and what if's and what now? It doesn't seem the case. He is happy lately, not that he wasn't happy, but it's more obvious now, and he's fun, and sillier than I have seen him in a long time. He hasn't been happy with his job in quite some time and it's stressing him out. It hasn't really been feasible with me in school for him to change jobs unless he was going to make the same amount of money which is not the easiest task in this economy. After a little push and a little help we are going to be able to put kev in school this summer. My job fell into place with about the same pay and hours and letting me do more. Kev will be starting his EMT basic class on May 18th. He isn't sure if this will be his forte' but knows it is a means to the end of his dream of becoming a firefighter. I am proud of him for taking this step and glad it could be worked out.

Kev is doing great not smoking, it's like he never smoked, his temperment (which can be made worse by quitting smoking) has been calmer, and he's not flown off the handle once :) For that I am also proud. I've never made Kev feel like he *had* to quit because it's something he had to decide for himself and I'm not sure if it's the realization he has to get into better shape for firefighter school, or because the hospital tests for smoking and does not hire smokers, for himself/us, or because he figured if someone else who could hold themselves accountable to it on twitter so could he. I'm not sure the exact reason why... but I'll take it :)

Kev left this evening for the lakehouse and will be there until sunday. I on the other hand still have school tomorrow, and work this weekend so well you know.

I'm not entirely sure if these are the reasons that Kev is feeling blessed, he'll have to tell you if there is more, but I know I am blessed to have Kev in my life, and unbelievably proud of him for following his dream.

Friday, April 17, 2009

History is changing

I am a huge history buff. Ever since I was young I loved to learn of the different wars that America and Texas has been thru and the revolutionary points in history that define a nation and people. I can remember studying the World Wars and thinking is there ever going to be a defining point in my lifetime. And then Sept. 11th happened, Katrina, the recession or depression and now I wish it was the good ole days. Did you know that Texas is the only state that can secede from the states whenever they want, our flag is the only one that can fly as high as the U.S. flag and we're the second largest state. I tell you this because last night as me and the misses were going to bed we had watched the news and there was a report that stated "Texas to Secede". Now being that it was news of course they made it seem as if it was going to happen but the truth is the Governor had expressed his discontent for the way the president has been running the country and of course some of the crowd had said secede. He didn't really shoot down the notion but didn't endorse it either. It strikes me odd though I've lived in Texas for over half my life and times have been tough before but maybe not this bad but never has anything like this been said. I wonder if its possible that this can actually happen.

Pro's: Texas has alot of the major resources meaning we wouldn't have to worry about expediting and bringing in outside food or oil. We have already been on our own before we know how to handle ourselves. The whole state itself isn't in as much debt as others we didn't take the handout that Obama was giving the other states. We have our own army so we can defend ourselves.

Con's: Dividing a nation in the worst time. Its completely unamerican. Would I be a U.S. citizen as I was born in VA or adopted into the Texas Nation? Will I need a passport to see my in-laws and extended family?

I don't really support this act. Its not in the works but the mere fact that they are talking about it makes me think that its more of a possibility than I ever thought. My how things have changed. I voted the president I picked didn't win. I don't support everything O'bama does. But I won't denounce my nation because of a president there will definitely have to be more of a reasoning than that. Besides he'll only be there for like 8 years. I welcome all opinions and thoughts.

Oh yeah here is the local news website that first shared this story.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What a Hailish Day

Ok so on my way back from dropping my boss off in Lubbock I was on my home and of course ran into some bad weather. Now I never pull over and wait on any weather activity to pass but this was a rare occasion. When you can't see but 10 to 20 feet in front of you because of the hail that's pretty bad. I pulled over for about 15 min. then continued on as I was ready to get home. Not the safest decision I made but o-well it was worth it. Watching the news tonight they said that, that was over 2-3 inches of hail on the ground for that area. Its like Christmas in April. I'm happy that we have such a diverse weather system here it can be sunny here and crazy tornado weather 30-40 miles away. Well goodnight all. I have much more to blog about tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


You know those people that put incredible pressure on themselves to do well and when you are talking to them and they are upset over a grade/job/skill whatever that you think really? they are upset with that?

Well I am becoming one of those people... I don't like it.

Today I had a test that I really wanted an a on but I didn't get it, but I still got a good grade and I was so bummed out about it! When I was telling my friend about it I felt ridiculous, and she told me as much (much nicer though). Through this I realize that I shouldn't be so hard on myself because I do better under less pressure.

**Edited to add: With questions being thrown out I ended up with an A. **

Speaking of pressure I just read a twitter from the local news about a shooting not too far from here... the police are there and unable to find anything.... and shortly after reading that I have lost all cell service through my whole house... uh... remember that whole my husband is out of town thing!? Talk about freaked out.....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Study Break

I took a test today (96% thankyouverymuch) and now I'm studying for another tomorrow. Right now though I am taking a minute to rest my brain from studying. HIV/AIDS, Respiratory disorders, and Infectious diseases are swimming through my head at the moment. Now if I can just make sure it stays there we'll be great :) HAHA

Speaking of staying there... There is something wrong with the door knob to the bathroom. Everytime you have to go in there you have to turn as hard as you can, while shaking the door, and hoping by some miracle the little thing moves so you can get in! Better not wait til it's an emergency haha! Getting out is even harder! Kev was going to fix it before he left, but didn't happen for one reason on another, so now I am stuck with it until he gets home. While I am very handy with a lot of things (see any furniture that was put together, anything hung on the walls) but I don't do door knobs or light bulbs (the bulb thing should be obvious since he's 6'4 and I'm trying to push 5'4) So I must wait....

So here's to an A on my test after all of this studying, and not being locked out or in of the bathroom or a reason to have to be in there RIGHT NOW.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

El Paso....

Did you know that Kevin twitters now? Let's hope he keeps it up and that it doesn't die the slow death of his myspace LoL. He plans on trying it while he is on his trip (he's heading to El Paso) but I don't think he set it up on his phone, so maybe his hotel has wireless.

There are good things and bad things about him going away for work. He loves it, it's got financial benefits (and with only one of us working (mostly) that always helps!), and I get to catch up on my shows that he can't stand, and have the bed to myself, no elbows, snoring, or random conversations, although they are super fun! It also means a week apart which everyone says makes you stronger yada yada yada but we still miss each other! geez! LoL

In the meantime I have 2 tests and plenty of clinicals to keep me busy til he gets back :) I'm trying to think of something fun for the weekend but I'm coming up short... any ideas?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


For the last four weeks I have been doing my clinicals at the "private hospital" in their brand spankin' new wing. I'm talking huge rooms with huge bathrooms, easy in and out showers, flat screen tv's hardwood floors, granite countertops. The staff there is super nice and would be the ideal place if you had to be on the cardiac floor there. It's been a good experience, a lot of early mornings, and hard work but I learned a lot and met some really awesome people. Last week we oriented to our new floor for the next four weeks of clinicals. Talk about going from the Taj Mahal to the motel 6. We are moving to the "county hospital" The rooms are very small, no extras, an old school tv, a tiny bathroom that reminds me of the one we had at our house in Milford... the word tiny barely fits the bill here. The halls are very narrow, and overall it's dirty. There was trash lining the halls, well not all of them but more than you would like to see at a hospital. Everything is different. I have heard though that the people that work there are nice and very helpful. I don't do well in new situations, quiet, not proactive and am overwhelmed by the newness of it all. Tomorrow afternoon is the first time I head over there for patient information.... here goes nothing I suppose....