Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I forgot!!

I meant to post this picture of kev and I when we went to a birthday party of a girl that we don't even know but we know her brother, and so he invited us. Anyways it's a picture of us which of course is rare it seems and always fun to have a new picture or two. Soon we should have a bunch of new ones from getting our pictures done at the park by our friend Chris.

Yes Yes I know I know

Okay so it's been awhile since I've posted but I have a good excuse, really I do. We've moved!! Our one bedroom apartment is no longer our home... We have moved to the house that Kevin grew up in actually. We still have a lot of work to do and a lot of unpacking left but we've done some painting and rearranging and things are going well. Our animals are slowly adjusting to all of the space they now have to explore and are simply exhausted by the end of the day after much running around. They follow us around though it's funny.

I finally got a charger for my new camera, did I mention that already? So as soon as I find it packed up somewhere I will def have some pictures for you all, or one? I don't have a clue how many read this haha :)

So tomorrow is going to be a very sad day at my work. That is the downfall of working in the dr's office... sometimes you have to give bad news :( That is hard because you have been getting to know them and talk to them both in person and on the phone and then you have to tell them something horrible and it always makes for a bad day. I know you are saying well the Doctor will tell him and you don't have to.... However at our office we all go in for the bad news to let the patient know that we will be doing everything we can to support them and will be there to help with whatever we can. As the recently dubbed office manager I have to be there and also give them the details on the hospital they will be referred to and let them know everything they need to bring and to also help them with finding things around the hospital like hotels and I have a lot of research to do since this is the first since I've been the Office Manager and only my second delivery of bad news so it's rough and hard to think about it coming, but atleast he is going to the best hospital in the country for his condition which I'm not really allowed to tell you but it sucks that is for sure.

I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving! I am anxiously awaiting christmas to see my family that is coming for a visit... yay!! OOhh and we already got our first snow! I was so shocked it was so early.... but of course it was the day I was trying to pack some stuff and move it so that sucked, I have the bruises to prove it but it was snow nonetheless :) I can't wait til we have enough to make snow angels.... juvenile I know but it's one of the first things Kev and I did when we started dating so we try to do it when we can :) Although I have to say when I was teaching Kev how to make a snow angel I forgot to tell him to move his legs and that combined with his hoodie horns looked more like a devil next to my angel of course ;) so it's always something funny for us to talk about and repeat when we can. Here's to looking forward to fun traditions and the joy of the holiday!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

work work work

Well are still alive and well. I have been promoted at work to office manager/nurse/receptionist you name it... I do it.... so that is a lot of extra stress in my life. We are trying to get the house ready soon I should have pictures since I finally got a charger for my camera. It has been an awful amount of work and we are still working hard to make it the way we want it and getting some new pieces of furniture to fill the house :) We have lots of big plans for it. I have been going to classes at the gym four days away which make me feel pretty good and tired as well though but I'm feeling good about going even though now I have to worry about asthma which I was recently diagnosed with. I seem to have found a way to prevent post exercise attacks and have a machine that should I really need help it is ready.

This morning kevin's cowork in lubbock passed away of cancer that had spread to pretty much everywhere in his body which is very sad.

Sorry to end this on that sad note but kevin and I have to head to some errands for fun things like paint chips and mopping a kitchen floor :)