Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lab results

My endo's office has this system where if you want your labs mailed to you, they give you an envelope you fill out your address and they send them to you with a note of what the dr says. I of course did that. They arrived in the mail yesterday! One thing I noticed that wasn't noted is my potassium is close to being low... will probably have to up my potassium.... ugh just what I want to take more pills lol. I also found out that my thyroid medicine is doing wonders for my thyroid so YAY to that. Another questionable one was my testerone levels.... which I might add are very normal. so another yay there. Now onto the bad.... I definitely have metabolic x, insulin resistance (same thing 2 names) it's not terrible but definitely it's there. I started medicine today to help level that out and will in the long run help out quite a few things even so hopefully this medicine will help. Finally something seems to be right since my thyroid is much better after 3 weeks of medicine it is at a better number than it was. I started taking the metformin today and am def having some of the side effects my poor tummy :-P the dr says that should go away, so I'm going to keep trudging along and hope it helps!

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