Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kevin's trip...

To see our family doctor that is. Today Kev went to see Dr. Br. (not to be confused with my ex-employer Dr. B) for the first time. He was of course going to see him about the vomiting. Which I might add was not a one time deal, not always coffee grounds but vomiting nonetheless.

His appointment was at a time were I could not tag along and let me tell you I so wanted to!! I did tell Kev to make sure he told him everything that has been going on.

They are thinking that he has a small ulcer. They did some blood work in the office and sent him home with a test to be sure he doesn't have a bleed elsewhere. He is also going to see a Gastrointestinal doctor... Dr. Ba (I have no idea why all of our docs start with B). Monday is when Kev will meet Dr. Ba. which is good because the second time they meet they are going to get a lil closer haha. Kev has to have an EGD done to determine 1. an ulcer? 2. How big? 3. Bleeding? 4. What needs to be done?

In the meantime he gave Kev some medicine for heartburn thinking/hoping that will stop the vomiting, and help the ulcer. So for now we wait for the results of the labs and procedures.


Anonymous said...

You Go Girl! Make sure that man of yours gets checked alllll the way out!!

Kev- make sure you follow-up and do everything you are told! Please!

We'll be waiting to hear from you.

Sending happy thoughts your way. . .


Shelly said...

You know it! :) Gotta keep him healthy, he's got a lot of living to do still!!

He def will because I won't let him not go lol I was on him all day to make sure he went.

We'll keep ya updated as things happen.