Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The good, and the bad.... we're skipping the ugly lol

So Kev and I paid our taxes today... ugh hopefully next year will be very different, considering I will have a different job. School should help also. Atleast we were able to pay on time and don't have to worry about it anymore!! :) I am glad for that...

Onto the good.... We are going to be cold!! Okay so that doesn't sound too good but most know that I don't do heat real well lol and we got central air put in today, talk about exciting! For us anyways haha :) I am glad, I was not ready for a summer here with no AC haha

Today was otherwise a fairly productive day and tomorrow will be a little less but still productive nonetheless. Sam was supposed to get a shot and a check up but they over scheduled the vet and so no :) I do have to visit the college and fill out even more paperwork yay :)

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