Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gotta love being materialistic

So we finally got our stimulus check. Which was much needed to get us out of the hole with the hole debacle with Shelly's former employer putting us in a rut. So we did what any adults would do and paid off unpaid bills. We did however decide to get Shelly/me a new zune 30 gig mp3 player with zune subscription. Now for all you apple lovers it was definetly a hard decision to make. I just felt that microsoft has a good thing going with their zune product line and right now the only apple I would get is the Itouch there is less commitment with it. There is more reasons but we won't get in to that right now. We got it last night Shelly installed all the software that night while I was watching Jumper. Seeing as she has a late day today I installed about 60+ songs, some podcasts and a few pictures. I love this thing I'm happy that I got it for Shelly now I'll have to get myself one. We do have some new news. Shelly and I are planning our vacation for the east. We will be down from Aug. 6th to the 13th. More details as they come about. This is one of the few vacations to the east that I'm actually looking forward to. I have been promised that this will actually be a vacation full like vacation stuff instead of hanging with family. Don't worry we will still make rounds. I do look forward to that. I just like to vacation to. Between the two of us come August will be so ready for a vacation. Shell is currently putting just about 80 hrs. a week between both jobs. I'm only putting in 40 but there 40 long, hard, and stressful hrs. So here's to the east coast can't wait to see you and our families.

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