Friday, June 20, 2008


A couple of weeks ago in the middle of a talk about tornadoes which I've learned I really don't like and am scared of since moving out here to Amarillo.

S: PAC has a storm shelter for ALL the kids, Is it crazy that I worry about having to use that for a tornado!?
K: No, but don't worry, tornado season is almost over and they don't really come to Amarillo anyways.
S: oh I guess I'm safe for another year haha

Boy we were both wrong. Last night I was working at PAC and the skies were looking horrible and it started raining, we get a call that says take all the girls to the basement in the boys house for the weather. We line them up and are fighting a couple of girls to go over and the head manager pokes her head in the door and says you need to get over there NOW! RUN! I'm thinking what!? run!? now!? ACK...

We all run over there and hang out for a little while. Meanwhile three tornadoes hit, all within two miles of PAC, which they shared with the staff and not the kids. I about lost it! The kids were asking me questions about the tornado and how bad it was, would the basement hold up, what about their mom's who didn't have storm shelters and what would happen if it came to PAC and how bad is it and Miss Shelly are you scared and how bad is it?

Of course I had left my phone on the counter that morning and so I called Kev after everything and talked to him when I got home.

S: So much for that tornadoes don't come to Amarillo thing...
K: yeah but it wasn't in town limits...

Needless to say it was quite a traumatizing night...

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kathryn said...


I'm glad you are all safe!!

I can commisserate with you. When we moved to Texas (Lubbock) in
197X there was a tornado before we even moved into our house. ..we were still at a campground. . . ick.

I prefer hurricanes where natural disasters are concerned. At least you can plan for them.

Again. Glad you are safe. :)

Take care.