Friday, April 25, 2008

We're back... worried weren't you? :)

After some time we have decided that positive thinking is the way to go!! Today my job wasn't posted :( Texas workforce wants to discuss the "seperation" from my last employer, and I still don't have a paycheck... SO yeah on to the positive thinking... Today was my inlaws birthdays, I know crazy they have the same birthday, same year, and only about 1 hour apart (taking into consideration the time change as they were not born in the same time zone) My silly friend Kell didn't even believe it, my FIL even talked to her about it it was funny :) He was a good sport! I made them brownies and had dinner with them at their house. Kevin is out of town so I was playing both parts :) Don't worry, he'll be back tomorrow morning :) We are heading to the lake to spend the night, play on the boat (if the weather agrees) and just hang out... I hope we remember pillows.... we ALWAYS forget pillows... I am glad that some things seemed to have settled down and for the weekend atleast I can worry about remember pillows, so much better than during the week... On monday though it's back to the grind... lol

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