Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Since we moved into our house we've been trying to fix somethings up. We've painted and are in the middle of taking wallpaper down and decorating etc etc. Well today I stepped up to plate and changed a showerhead all by myself, teflon tape and all! I even know what that is haha! I also hung some decorations in the bathroom that I have had sitting around since christmas and pictures will follow. I didn't think to take them until I was pretty much finished. It took three tries of tightening and loosening until it did not leak but by golly by the time I was done we had a new showerhead with two heads that works! As you all know Kevin <3's his showers. This is his valentines gift that he had only to enjoy it. This part he got a little early because not only does it help him, but I didn't like the one we had before so it benefitted each of us :) Nonetheless I tackled it and was very proud that I in fact did it and got it to work!

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