Saturday, June 21, 2008

What did I get myself into???

Ok so about mid week I get a phone call from my friend Chris asking if I wanted to play in a charity basketball tournament. I do like doing some charity work here and there and he assured me it was for a good cause so I said sign me I'm down. I haven't played organized basketball in over 8 years probably haven't touched a ball in 3 so needless to say I was a little rusty. The tournament gave us a first round bye I think because collectively we were the oldest on the courts. No one was really close to our age. Hence why we called ourselves "The Has Beens" my suggestion was the never were. But has beens is better. Anyways our first game was at 10:30 against a team called 7-11 yes just like the convience store. They went up over ten points at one time and then we just came back and won. It was really inspiring a little bit because you know we're old, we're out of shape and we haven't played in a long time we just handled everything perfectly. I think my body went into shock after that first game. I couldn't really catch my breath that whole offtime, my back tightened up, and my head just started killing me. Our second game was more interesting the team we had played was a bunch of just graduated high school kids off of really good teams. So they really took care of us. The ending score to that one was 17-7. we were playing ones and two's everyone hence the low scoring. After that game I felt alot better like I had never stopped playing. I was tired but not beaten like I felt after the first game. The third game was against 7-11 again and again we went down a few points and then just turned it on and won. Our "captain" had to take off early between game two and three so we had to pickup a 4th. Guess what the people we asked turned us down. So I got introduced to a girl named Katy. Little did we know that she was just all Caprock basketball player took them to the playoffs first time in 20+ yrs all district player. She had literally lit some of them guys up we played to her advantages and she played to ours it was awesome. We won our third and had to play the same team we played in game 2. Of course they won but we did make it alot closer. On a different note I kinda scared myself today. I was coughing trying to catch my breath and stuff like that. I ended up getting sick and throwing up. Which isn't the scary part it was the fact that I think it was some of like tar from my lungs. It was definitely black and I didn't eat so I don't know what to make of it. But I think I'm almost ready to quit, it opened my eyes up to how bad my lungs are so. No promises but I'm thinking harder on quitting so that's a start.
Things I learned today:
1. I'm not in shape at all
2. Maybe I should stop smoking
3. I really liked playing in today's tournament maybe I should play more often

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kathryn said...

Hey Kev- 2 things:

1. Good for you for gettin' out there and playing! Even better that it was for charity!!

2. Coughing up black stuff= blood= BAD. GO TO A DOCTOR. NOW. DO NOT PASS GO. DO NOT COLLECT $200.



DOES SHELLY KNOW? (I guess she does now.)

~keep me posted.