Thursday, December 24, 2009

We triple dog dare you....

Most of you got our christmas cards, or saw it on facebook or twitter. Yes I posted it and sent it... what can I say? I was a dork, and pretty excited about my cleverness!! So here's the pic...

This year brought many ups and downs for us and our family. On New Year's Eve I presented Kev with tickets so see his first NBA game! Which he had a blast going to Oklahoma with some friends to watch the game. In February we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary, and 6th year together. We just did the dinner and movie thing and enjoyed each others company. March brought a massive snowstorm, I even got to miss a day of school!! Also our friends welcomed their baby Maddox into the world, we just adore him, and his parents are great friends too, the best actually. So naturally we visit their house often! Then came April, not too much excitement there. I started my second rotation of clinicals, and started becoming antsy for the semester to be over, which brings us to May. This brings the 6 years... SIX YEARS!! since I'd had my valve replaced! Kev spent a few hours in Jail and made a life changing decision (not really in jail... he's no criminal). In June Kev quit working for Hill-Rom and went to school to become an EMT-B. (okay I admit it, I had my doubts, but really he kinda has a weak stomach... guess not while on the job) I worked and he went to school (talk about role reversal) Things went south for a little bit, a miscarriage and a death in the family consumed most of August. The upside of August was my birthday and a new car from the inlaws! Then I started back to school. Kevin went to work as a photographer while looking for an EMT job. In October I started clinicals, and my mom came out to visit for a week. It was quite a week but we all survived and it turned out more fun than any of us thought. In December Kevin found a job as an EMT! Granted it's out of town and he works a lot but he likes it a lot. I'm glad he found a job he likes. I finally made it past the half way mark of school, only two semesters left! TWO! This time next year I'll be a nurse!! In the meantime while I am on break my dad came to visit for a couple of weeks, so I'm taking off and letting Kevin hold down the fort in the way of working :) I've done my fair share before my dad got here so it's a trade off. Tonight is Christmas Eve, and since Kevin is working tomorrow so we exchanged gifts this evening. We all got things we asked for, and a few things we did not ask for but were happy to get!

We hope everyone has a great Christmas!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yes, well you know

Life has been super busy lately!! Between job hunting on Kev's end and finishing my semester, not to mention trying to some face time with each, friends, and family we are a pair of busy people!!

Last week Kev went to Lubbock to check out a few possible jobs. Ended up talking to a guy at a transport service who let him do a ride along the next day and well the rest is history. That afternoon he offered Kev a job there with his choice of schedule since he will be traveling to and from work 1-2 hours. It looks like he'll just get his four days out of the way and then head home for 3 days. We can handle that for a year. Kev is very excited and starts his job tomorrow. He will be the ambulance driver as an EMT-B!

Tuesday this week marked the end of my semester. I ended up 4 B's and 1 A this semester. I really thought differently about one of the B's but what can ya do? Atleast I passed this semester, and am headed on to Level 3! Two semesters left. This semester was the most unorganized/hardest so far thanks to all of the things that happened before the semester began and shortly thereafter.

A couple of weekends ago we went downtown with our friend Chris to get some pictures taken and get a picture for our christmas cards! Which you'll have to see if you sent us your address, otherwise you might have to wait because you know we'll probably post it somewhere :) Here's one of our favorites:

The others are posted on facebook (atleast mine at the moment, but he's tagged so if your only friends with one of us...)

My stepdad is coming in on the 23rd to spend two weeks here with us, I'm very excited!