Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's finals week, what did you expect?

We had snow this week! It wasn't much but enough for us to call it snow LoL.

Today was my last final!! I couldn't concentrate and didn't do nearly as well as I know I could have. I really need to learn to push everything away when I'm taking a test. My grades this semester are:

101 nursing skills
81 nursing theory
93 nutrition
99 speech

some are definite, others are calculated by me and may be off a lil.

Now that my semester is over I can look forward to my upcoming trip! oh you don't know? I am headed east for Christmas! This trip has definitely given me very mixed emotions. While I can't wait to spend Christmas with my family I am going to sorely miss my hubby. He's not able to take that much time off from work around Christmas. While I plan to talk, text, and write him everyday I will definitely have a few surprises up my sleeve for him. I can't wait for that part.

I will be in maryland from the 17th until the 31st. Kev and I are looking forward to new years! He isn't on call and we are spending the day together.

If anyone wants to get dinner or whatever while I'm in town just let me know!

Oh and I got a haircut yesterday. I only have a craptastic picture and so you will have to wait until I get a better picture or until you see it in person LoL.

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