Thursday, January 24, 2008


After our baby Sammie was safely home and rested we headed off for vacation (I was very worried she wouldn't be found before we left) to Vegas! We had so much fun, and saw so much and still feel like we didn't see it all. I ended up taking somewhere around 400 pictures some of them were better than others but you know. Our best friends out here got married there and so we ended up making it a vacation also so that we could enjoy some time away. We saw as much as we could fit and who knows how many miles we walked. We visited a lot of places on the strip though and we are going to go back next year, probably in feb for our anniversary. We are planning to head to new mexico this year I think but that's a whole other story. Here are a couple of pictures, I will upload more to flicker very shortly but seeing as how I have the freebie one I can only upload so many photos at a time so it'll be a long drawn out process but atleast you have stuff to look forward from us! :)

That says Casino Royale (there is a palm tree in case you can't tell :) ) Leave it to kev to get it right down the middle lol. That is where we stayed, but we didn't spend much time there as we were always on the go or sleeping....

Here we are at Cesears Palace.... We were trying to show us and the fountain but you know the whole taking your own picture thing is risky but we love this picture even though you can't really see the fountain.

There are sooo many more I don't even know where to start but soon they will be on flicker so keep an eye out!!

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aunt kitty said...

Looks to me like you had a nice time in Vegas :) It can be a very cool place to go, for sure!!

Can't wait to see all your pictures! Make sure you link up with my flickr account!