Friday, September 28, 2007

Good news!

Yes we do have good news :) I am going to take my time getting there though because it's not anything really exciting is just great news for us, and our living situation. Okay Okay Kevin's company got a HUGE contract today, part of which is here in Amarillo. This is good news because there is no chance that we will have to move somewhere else due to them closing the service center here. It possibly will mean that there will be a second person working at his service center which really hopefully will make things better on him. It's stressful for him to be on his own and to take all of the call. Lucky for him once he gets home tonight (which won't be til near 10pm) he is off for the weekend :) I am glad to have the weekend for he and I to hang out together. Our exciting plans include well... Sams club and laundry I think :) Better than him having to work all weekend again. I def won't have to work so that is good. I have been getting more and more tasks more directed to office manager than anything. I also play nurse in the mornings and then do a lot of other things now that we have another girl up front. Dr. B. would like me to become a notary and will pay for it. Things at both of our jobs are looking good. School is still in our future, and we may even have found a house to rent, more details on that later though.

Finally Sammy and Roxie are willing not only to be in the same place at the same time they actually play together haha :) They are so cute together, but they demand A LOT of attention and one can't get any without the other. Sammy sometimes forgets which food is hers but I think she is getting better about not eating the kitten food. She def gets it when you say no, she spits it out crazy girl I tell you.


aunt kitty said...

Always good to hear good news! I'm glad things are swinging in that direction for you guys! Dont forget to take some time just to sit and enjoy being together. Life passes way too fast!

Time goes faster than you think - so dont BLINK!

I'm doing homework most of today (due tonight of course) and going to an O's game with Uncle Buck (aka Warren) (maybe we'll bring them some good luck!) tomorrow. :)

Kevin and Shelly said...

Life does pass fast, I have really realized that in the last few months. We haven't even made it to Sam's we've just been hanging out and goofing off but it's been a fun weekend :)

OOhh homework, hope you get it done in time :) And give the O's some luck, they can use it haha :)