Friday, December 14, 2007

water water everywhere.....

Today as I was entering the code to the back door of the office I hear what sounds like rain on the other side of the door...... someone come to take a shower? (which I might add I have used a time or two after the gym...) but alas it was actually raining in our office. Apparently a genius put the water heaters in the attic above our office and well it busted last night or early this morning and we had a major flood in our office. At first I thought it was just the med room and in the hallway until I noticed how much water was heading into the basement...... Once I realized this I learned this was no small leak.... our entire basement (computer server and all) was under water about 7inches.... It was crazy....See this was around 8am.... I soon learned that the fire dept had come at 7am and had been taken to the wrong office which they didn't search too hard or they would have found that office's basement was flooded as well..... so yeah.... quite a day I tell you quite a day.... We ended up having to go get some big fans and using a few others from the company cleaning up which were not very nice so I wasn't pleased about that.... as for me I am sooo glad this week is over... time to relax clean up and finish unpacking lol and get ready for christmas as my family is visiting again and we have big plans for after christmas in jan. so we have a lot to get ready for!


aunt kitty said...

WOW! Happy Friday!

I'd be glad that was over, too!

Have a great weekend, in spite of how the week went :)

Kevin and Shelly said...

you don't even know lol that was just the end to a rough week... I was very happy for the weekend :) So far so good for my weekend lol