Saturday, November 10, 2007

work work work

Well are still alive and well. I have been promoted at work to office manager/nurse/receptionist you name it... I do it.... so that is a lot of extra stress in my life. We are trying to get the house ready soon I should have pictures since I finally got a charger for my camera. It has been an awful amount of work and we are still working hard to make it the way we want it and getting some new pieces of furniture to fill the house :) We have lots of big plans for it. I have been going to classes at the gym four days away which make me feel pretty good and tired as well though but I'm feeling good about going even though now I have to worry about asthma which I was recently diagnosed with. I seem to have found a way to prevent post exercise attacks and have a machine that should I really need help it is ready.

This morning kevin's cowork in lubbock passed away of cancer that had spread to pretty much everywhere in his body which is very sad.

Sorry to end this on that sad note but kevin and I have to head to some errands for fun things like paint chips and mopping a kitchen floor :)

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