Saturday, September 22, 2007

And then there were 4

Today we welcomed a new member to our family. I went to a work (the hospital) bbq at my friend's house and she offered me a kitten, and I joking said "Kevin would have a fit!" I talked to him on the phone later and just said "Hey want a kitten HAHA?" He was like what? do you? So after many uh I don't know what about Sammy and do we really want one... I came home with a kitten. Her name is Tara. She is 5 weeks old and loves to play and explore all the dark places around such as under the dresser, the bed and in the closet. She is a lot of fun though and I caught a picture of her while she was sleeping, but playful pictures will probably come as that seems to be one of her favorite past times. Who knew a ball with a little bell in it could create hours of fun, not only for her but for Kev and I?

Samantha is very curious about her, but as of right now Tara is not having it. She hisses and gets ready to attack when she even sees Sammy about to come her way, or even thinking about it, or so it seems. It is quite funny and we do hope that they will become buddies soon. We are trying to introduce them slowly but Tara really has no desire whatsoever to even be curious. I figured since I was posting pictures of Tara I couldn't let Sammy think she was being neglected now that there is a new member, whom I might add she is very very jealous of and took her picture as well :)

She does NOT look happy, and it took about ten tries to even get her to kind of look at me. Things are a little tense for her but she will manage I'm sure. She is going to hate it when we decide to add a baby to the mix, she seems to handle just about anything as long as it doesn't include someone else to take up the attention she feels she deserves and ever so lovingly shows us she is annoyed when something else is getting our attention even for a few minutes, talk about spoiled HAHA :)


aunt kitty said...

OMG! leave you alone for a few days and WHAM! a whole bunch of posts!

Belated Happy Birthday, Kev! Sounds like you had a good day. Please dont hurt yourself on the motorcycle. Pay attention for all the idiots on the road, because god knows they arent paying attention to you.

Tara and Sam will get along soon. There's always an adjustment period and Sam will just have to let Tara know who is boss and where her place is. Once the pecking order is clearly established, everything will be peachy!

Getting pets never seems a problem, as with us. Getting rid of them is another story..... Ugh. Pepsi passed on after 14 years, and we still have Chance (9), Josta (10) and JC (8). Its kind of like waiting for your childen to grow up and move away from home. Sometimes it just can't come fast enough!!!

Thanks for keeping up with the blog! I'll have to peek in more often!

Love ya

Kevin and Shelly said...

I told you we were trying to be better this time haha.

hehe, Kevin's motorcycle is a toy one :-D His mean wifey says no to a real one!

Tara now, Roxie is starting to step all over Sam and hisses everytime they are close and Sam runs away, it's quite a trick to watch but hopefully they will get along soon, it's going to a trip for sure haha :)

Thanks for the comments! :)