Friday, September 7, 2007

Nothing exciting

I know I know, we are slacking already. What do you want us to do? Make up things to blog about? Change what really happened during the day to make it sound like something exciting? I didn't think so either. So here's the basics because well that is about it lately. Kevin had to have a sleep study this past week, actually it was part 2 of his sleep study experience. So lets rewind a little to just before his first one when he had to arrive at 8pm. I reassured (having had one myself back in delaware, which made me of course the expert of the house) him that they would not make him go to bed early (they didn't) that they had cable tv (they didn't), they had a shower for the goopy stuff they put in your hair the night before (they didn't), and why would he need a book (he did). Needless to say the first thing I heard the next morning was how they had him lie down at 930 and had no tv and no shower. So back to the second one, he was found to actually have sleep apnea where he stops breathing while he is sleeping and has to wear a machine that I have yet to see. So I'm thinking that will be cute (I will def try to get some pictures of that.) I just got a new camera and some new pictures will be readily available soon, be on the lookout (I know you are so excited). That is all the fun and excitement I have for you family and friends for the moment as I have to go get ready for dinner and movie.


Aunt Kitty said...

I've seen those machines. Jan has one, gave it up after just a little while (days, I think). Uncomfortable and scary looking. Tho Kev may enjoy - you kinda look like a stormtrooper. . . LOL.

Seriously, tho, Good luck!

Kevin and Shelly said...

The people that do the tests, are some of the same people I talk to all of the time through my work and they said Kev did great with it. I am just hoping it helps, he has been feeling tired a lot lately and this should help. The good part is the company we are going through will do everything in their power to make it the most comfortable and least invasive as is possible for a CPAP

Oh yeah, he wasn't too happy to read there would be pictures involved but you know :)

aunt kitty said...

yeah, jan said it helped her sleep too, felt refreshed, etc... but its like sleeping with a full gas mask on - and hard to get used to - (I'm talking from hearsay, not experience) - but like I said, IF you can put up with it, I hear they are wonderful :)