Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Sammy and Roxie are finally and getting along, and I might add they are cutely snuggled up and sleeping on the couch with Kevin. Had I not been an idiot and accidently thrown away my camera charger I could have taken a picture. I however ended up tossing the charger cord with the trash when we got the camera and have yet to find a replacement.... I can be sooo not smart sometimes for a pretty smart girl :) I am so upset over that because I love my new camera and now I can't use it.... I am working on it though. I am glad that Roxie and Sam are getting along, now they can stay in the same room at night and Roxie won't try to hiss Sam away :) They were even playing today.

Today I got a new coworker, and she seems like she is going to work out pretty good, and will be working in the front office with me. I am glad to have someone to help, sometimes 3 phone lines, and 1 person to answer them gets a little rough. Hopefully she will be a lot of help and be able to do things well and helpfully :)

Kevin's company may be getting a new account that would be HUGE and so I can't say a whole lot at this point but, if this goes like expected they will be hiring a second person and will not have to close the Amarillo branch as was thought might happen not long from now. We are keeping our fingers crossed for this new account.

That is about the extent of our excitement, I know I know you are just wiggling out of your seat with the joy of all of our excitement but hey you know it's life and things are good, so, can't be too bad. Always a good thing when there isn't too much negative drama going on in life :)

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