Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Kevin

Today Kevin is 25. There isn't a whole lot to tell about his birthday he did get a uh... motorcycle ;) and a little chocolate cake so he was happy as can be.

Today I was leaving the dr's office and I was waiting behind a red jeep to pull out on the main road. Well out of nowhere she just decides to back up.... into my car. I was so mad. I hit the horn when she was backing up and when she hit and she pulled out quickly and was gone. If by some chance lady in the red jeep finds this... I am so mad. All of this before Kevin tried to talk a car dealership into a good deal but they wouldn't go past a certain amount (thankfully) so that was quite a day dealing with cars. As for everything else things are going along we are just talking about finding a new place to stay and we are just trying to figure things out day by day. Soon pictures of the motorcycle will be posted you will enjoy them :)

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