Saturday, September 1, 2007

A little rambling.... :)

I hate it when you have a nice sized post written and something goes wrong and it doesn't work and nothing gets posted.... ugh :) So instead you get a quick overview because I am not into typing it all over again. Sorry :) I had to work today for awhile, things went so much better than they do during the week. It was a lot more relaxed in the sense of no drama like with the normal nurse who has been having a lot of stuff going wrong. She is making a lot of mistakes and some of them have been big ones which worry dr. b. he is going to talk to her but she might be not with us much longer. It will add a lot of stress and work to my life, but a lot of experience so we'll see. As for everything else well nothing exciting. This weekend will conclude with a lot of cleaning/organizing our apartment and possibly adding a few things to the dining room. We are trying to get atleast a rent house by november, and so we are needing to clean out anyways. Kevin has well been volunteered by well me :) to help and be involved so it will be a lot of work but it'll look better. Somehow we have collected a lot of stuff. I will try and get some after pictures to post. The only potential bad part of that is I am well a little slow at times and accidently threw my camera charger in the trash when I was getting rid of the box.... so we'll see I'll try. Hope everyone has a good labor day weekend.


kathryn said...

I'm totally impressed! Two posts in 1 week! YAY!

Sorry to hear about the long post being lost. I'm always interested in knowing what is going on - but then, totally understand too. Computers - love 'em when they work, hate 'em when they mess up!

Good luck with the cleaning and organizing... that's what we're doing this weekend too!

Kevin and Shelly said...

As you should be haha :) Thank you. I was so frustrated about that post haha :) But I still did pretty good on the blog, I thought haha. Hopefully tomorrow will be more benefical since we didn't do much today haha. We are planning to try to do better tomorrow. I hope yours went better haha.