Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kev promised this post.... instead he went to the lake....

So this is a post that Kev was supposed to write oh I don't know a day or two ago. You see I was going to update and he was like no no I want to do it.... So I agreed... Well guess who is spending a long weekend at the lake totally unplugged and relaxing. *Jealous* can ya tell?

Life is good. Kevin is starting school this summer, quitting smoking, and changing jobs, that is a lot of change/stress at one time. His mind should be racing with things to come and what if's and what now? It doesn't seem the case. He is happy lately, not that he wasn't happy, but it's more obvious now, and he's fun, and sillier than I have seen him in a long time. He hasn't been happy with his job in quite some time and it's stressing him out. It hasn't really been feasible with me in school for him to change jobs unless he was going to make the same amount of money which is not the easiest task in this economy. After a little push and a little help we are going to be able to put kev in school this summer. My job fell into place with about the same pay and hours and letting me do more. Kev will be starting his EMT basic class on May 18th. He isn't sure if this will be his forte' but knows it is a means to the end of his dream of becoming a firefighter. I am proud of him for taking this step and glad it could be worked out.

Kev is doing great not smoking, it's like he never smoked, his temperment (which can be made worse by quitting smoking) has been calmer, and he's not flown off the handle once :) For that I am also proud. I've never made Kev feel like he *had* to quit because it's something he had to decide for himself and I'm not sure if it's the realization he has to get into better shape for firefighter school, or because the hospital tests for smoking and does not hire smokers, for himself/us, or because he figured if someone else who could hold themselves accountable to it on twitter so could he. I'm not sure the exact reason why... but I'll take it :)

Kev left this evening for the lakehouse and will be there until sunday. I on the other hand still have school tomorrow, and work this weekend so well you know.

I'm not entirely sure if these are the reasons that Kev is feeling blessed, he'll have to tell you if there is more, but I know I am blessed to have Kev in my life, and unbelievably proud of him for following his dream.

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Anonymous said...

Twittering about breaking bad habits = self inflicted peer pressure.

Whatever works. Glad to see it!

Uncle D.