Monday, April 13, 2009

Study Break

I took a test today (96% thankyouverymuch) and now I'm studying for another tomorrow. Right now though I am taking a minute to rest my brain from studying. HIV/AIDS, Respiratory disorders, and Infectious diseases are swimming through my head at the moment. Now if I can just make sure it stays there we'll be great :) HAHA

Speaking of staying there... There is something wrong with the door knob to the bathroom. Everytime you have to go in there you have to turn as hard as you can, while shaking the door, and hoping by some miracle the little thing moves so you can get in! Better not wait til it's an emergency haha! Getting out is even harder! Kev was going to fix it before he left, but didn't happen for one reason on another, so now I am stuck with it until he gets home. While I am very handy with a lot of things (see any furniture that was put together, anything hung on the walls) but I don't do door knobs or light bulbs (the bulb thing should be obvious since he's 6'4 and I'm trying to push 5'4) So I must wait....

So here's to an A on my test after all of this studying, and not being locked out or in of the bathroom or a reason to have to be in there RIGHT NOW.

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