Tuesday, April 14, 2009


You know those people that put incredible pressure on themselves to do well and when you are talking to them and they are upset over a grade/job/skill whatever that you think really? they are upset with that?

Well I am becoming one of those people... I don't like it.

Today I had a test that I really wanted an a on but I didn't get it, but I still got a good grade and I was so bummed out about it! When I was telling my friend about it I felt ridiculous, and she told me as much (much nicer though). Through this I realize that I shouldn't be so hard on myself because I do better under less pressure.

**Edited to add: With questions being thrown out I ended up with an A. **

Speaking of pressure I just read a twitter from the local news about a shooting not too far from here... the police are there and unable to find anything.... and shortly after reading that I have lost all cell service through my whole house... uh... remember that whole my husband is out of town thing!? Talk about freaked out.....

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