Sunday, April 12, 2009

El Paso....

Did you know that Kevin twitters now? Let's hope he keeps it up and that it doesn't die the slow death of his myspace LoL. He plans on trying it while he is on his trip (he's heading to El Paso) but I don't think he set it up on his phone, so maybe his hotel has wireless.

There are good things and bad things about him going away for work. He loves it, it's got financial benefits (and with only one of us working (mostly) that always helps!), and I get to catch up on my shows that he can't stand, and have the bed to myself, no elbows, snoring, or random conversations, although they are super fun! It also means a week apart which everyone says makes you stronger yada yada yada but we still miss each other! geez! LoL

In the meantime I have 2 tests and plenty of clinicals to keep me busy til he gets back :) I'm trying to think of something fun for the weekend but I'm coming up short... any ideas?

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