Friday, April 17, 2009

History is changing

I am a huge history buff. Ever since I was young I loved to learn of the different wars that America and Texas has been thru and the revolutionary points in history that define a nation and people. I can remember studying the World Wars and thinking is there ever going to be a defining point in my lifetime. And then Sept. 11th happened, Katrina, the recession or depression and now I wish it was the good ole days. Did you know that Texas is the only state that can secede from the states whenever they want, our flag is the only one that can fly as high as the U.S. flag and we're the second largest state. I tell you this because last night as me and the misses were going to bed we had watched the news and there was a report that stated "Texas to Secede". Now being that it was news of course they made it seem as if it was going to happen but the truth is the Governor had expressed his discontent for the way the president has been running the country and of course some of the crowd had said secede. He didn't really shoot down the notion but didn't endorse it either. It strikes me odd though I've lived in Texas for over half my life and times have been tough before but maybe not this bad but never has anything like this been said. I wonder if its possible that this can actually happen.

Pro's: Texas has alot of the major resources meaning we wouldn't have to worry about expediting and bringing in outside food or oil. We have already been on our own before we know how to handle ourselves. The whole state itself isn't in as much debt as others we didn't take the handout that Obama was giving the other states. We have our own army so we can defend ourselves.

Con's: Dividing a nation in the worst time. Its completely unamerican. Would I be a U.S. citizen as I was born in VA or adopted into the Texas Nation? Will I need a passport to see my in-laws and extended family?

I don't really support this act. Its not in the works but the mere fact that they are talking about it makes me think that its more of a possibility than I ever thought. My how things have changed. I voted the president I picked didn't win. I don't support everything O'bama does. But I won't denounce my nation because of a president there will definitely have to be more of a reasoning than that. Besides he'll only be there for like 8 years. I welcome all opinions and thoughts.

Oh yeah here is the local news website that first shared this story.

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