Sunday, May 3, 2009


Well I guess I owe everyone a blog as I had promised many days ago. This one is titled "blessed" because a comment I had made on twitter and promised to elaborate in a blog later that day and just turned into days. For that I am sorry. Well the main reasons I'm feeling blessed is family. My family close and far has always been very supportive of me. I have the perfect parents for me. They never made me feel dumb for a dumb decision I ever made. I made it hard for myself very early in life and they supported every decision I made. Like the one that led me to meet my future wife in moving to the east coast. Now I move to a place I've only been to once to a family I hardly knew and didn't know what to expect. They took me in without any questions and not really very many demands. That really stayed with me over the years as I have helped with family in any way that I can. I gotta a chance to pay it forward or back which I really was happy to do. After five years on the east coast I decided to bring the wife to Amarillo. I got to reconnect with a brother I honestly didn't know. He changed his whole life and now is pushing his big brother into being the person that he deserves to be. I know I know its a bunch stuff and not a whole lot of detail maybe or maybe its just jumbled up but I guess the feeling that I am feeling is like I said blessed to have surrounded myself with those that inspire and push me to be the best individual I can be whether its a fireman or a janitor. I think to many times I take that for granted and just been thinking about that kind of stuff lately.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're feeling as blessed as you really are.

Uncle D.