Friday, May 29, 2009


No! Not that stupid television show! (Ok Kev likes it but I'm writing this post so I get to call it stupid)

Lately I am feeling lost... in the sense of what did I do before I started school? Really for the last year I have either been working 75+ hours a week or going to school and studying. This summer however I only have one job, and no school. I come home in the evenings and have no homework, and am not totally exhausted from a long day) Kev's joke is the house is cleaner now. It just feels strange not having that to do.

I think Kev is going to go through this same thing soon. He will have school 3 mornings a week. period. no work (atleast right away), no call, just school and of course HOMEWORK.

I predict that between the two of us we will be going stir crazy very very soon.

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